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What To Do When You Can't Pay Your Bills

It may be one of life's scariest moments. You realize that there are significantly more bills than you have money to pay them with. It might be the result of overspending for months or even years, on the other hand it could simply be the loss of a job and no emergency savings to fall back on. 

The Next Six Week Christian Budget Workshop Is No Answer

We don't seem to have much to offer people in such predicaments within the Christian community. Consider it tantamount to offering an exercise program or a cholesterol pill to someone having a heart attack. The standard Christian financial budgeting workshop will have little to offer to those in need of emergency assistance. Who do you call? What do you do? What happens when your creditors start calling? What if you end up being sued? Even worse, what if find yourself in foreclosure or facing the B word - BANKRUPTCY?


New Video Provides Strategies On What To Do When You Can't Pay Your Bills

Bob Yetman and I just finished producing a new video simply titled, What To Do When You Can't Pay Your Bills? The video is almost three hours in length and covers every nook, cranny, scenario, question, you could ever come up with on this topic. This is not just a video for those presently in a financial crisis, but for also for pastors, counselors, and anyone that wants to be a source of hope to those going through a financial nightmare.

The reason the video is almost three hours long is simple - we left nothing out. It took weeks of planning to be sure that we addressed every possible issue and scenario imaginable. Sit down, turn on the video, get out a sheet of paper and a sharp pencil and start putting together your plan. Everything from how to prioritize what bills you pay, to how to stop collection calls, dealing with foreclosures, repossessions, lawsuits, and even how to know if bankruptcy makes sense. 


A week does not go by that I don't read a story about a suicide related to financial problems. I have been shocked by the number of stories involving a head of household taking their own life, and then killing their own spouse and children  - yes, because of financial problems. Think about it for a moment, where can you go for advice when you don't have enough money to pay your bills? You won't find many financial planners interested in bringing you on as a client. How many lawyers will sit down with you at no cost to help you sort out the legal ramifications of what you are facing? Many well meaning individuals might say things like, 'I am in your corner' or 'I will say a prayer for you.' All very nice sentiments, but you can't help but remember that there is a huge stack of bills waiting for you on your kitchen table. You can't block it out of your mind - the upcoming mortgage payment that is due, or wondering how many more days before the repo man comes for the car. You are in a living hell 24/7, and even when you fall asleep you have nightmares about what is happening.

The Christian Community Doesn't Know How To Help People In A Financial Crisis

You might get a few dollars from the benevolence fund or an invite to the next Christian financial workshop, but other than that, your church may have little help to offer. It is truly a need so big, but no one has a vested interest in addressing it. I know firsthand what it is like to become what I call a 'financial leper.' After becoming insolvent in 2001 after my own brother (who was my accountant) embezzled nearly $2 million dollars from me, I found out how few friends I really had. Jim Paris, the guy with money, had people beating his door down, but Jim Paris the guy going broke, was an undesirable. 

In my own case, being a financial guy and having even gone to law school for one year, I had a skill set that most don't. Still, dealing with the repossession of my cars, creditors calling, the liquidation of my businesses, foreclosure, and ultimately bankruptcy, ALMOST KILLED ME. I can only imagine what the average non-financially trained person is experiencing when the financial walls begin to close in on them. Even if you live through it, you may lose your marriage, end up addicated to drugs or alcohol, and have lifelong health problems as a result.

This video is so important, that we decided to make it available as both a digital download and as a physical DVD. The video is also available for free download and online viewing for members of ChristianMoneyPlus. 

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