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New Digital Currency Offer From Jim Paris

Our 1,000 Ripple XRP giveaway to new annual subscribers generated a remarkable response (and the offer officially ended last week). We received quite a few e mails, however, from individuals seeking a way to get in on the free digital currency, but with a more modest financial outlay. We are excited to open up a special offer today (good until Sunday night January 25 at midnight Eastern). All you need to do is sign up for a monthly subscription and we will bonus you 300 Ripple XRP. Our monthly subscription has an initial enrollment of just $37 and then $9.95 monthly (cancel at any time). To find out more about Ripple digital currency and why we are so excited about it, here is an excellent article to read.

A Growing Library Of Videos For Subscribers

If you are at all aware of what ChristianMoneyPlus has to offer, you will know about the huge amount of content available to subscribers. We have been especially excited about the videos we have been able to include in the member library. In recent weeks we have added the following new video workshops -

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On this two hour video, Jim Paris and Bob Yetman go through the step by step method that they used for years to rebuild hundreds of clients’ credit scores. As partners in a mortgage firm they counseled people with recent bankruptcies, foreclosures, and all manner of damaged credit. This video outlines exactly what you can do to raise your score 100 points in just 100 days. Based on their bestseller.



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On this two hour video, Jim Paris and Bob Yetman provide one of the most complete overviews on budgeting that you will find anywhere. Low tech and high tech budgeting options, software, and worksheets. The most common budget mistakes. The pros and cons of integrating your budget system with your other financial accounts. Cloud based options vs. desktop software and much more.   






On this two hour and 40 minute video, Jim Paris and Bob Yetman provide a resource you will not find anywhere on a topic that no one wants to discuss -What To Do When You Can’t Pay Your Bills. Finally a resource for those that are going through a financial crisis and need to understand what to do to survive until their financial situation improves. 






On this two part video (total running time approx 75 minutes), Jim Paris and Robert Yetman share how to search for lost money. This video covers nationwide searches, state by state, federal search strategies, and even how to locate lost life insurance policies.  




 New Video Coming On Home Buying

I am also excited to announce that we filmed a new video yesterday that will be added to the library next week. It is a 2 1/2 hour workshop on home buying. The video covers every aspect of the process from deciding how much you can afford to buy, to financing, to closing costs, mortgage qualifying, and much more. This video will be available at no cost to ChristianMoneyPlus subscribers, and we have many more exciting videos that will be added soon.  

Perhaps the most popular feature of ChristianMoneyPlus is the unlimited Q and A benefit available to members. Simply log in and use your member dashboard to send me your personal finance questions.* I love answering these questions throughout the month! Everything from how to replace cable TV with free Internet TV, to getting a free home phone for life, to legally opting out of Obamacare. What is truly unique about ChristianMoneyPlus is not just the wealth of information members can tap into, but the opportunity to interact with the authors on an unlimited basis. Yes, Robert Yetman and I personally answer these questions. 

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