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50 Year Old Lost Money Found

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I have had a fascination with lost money my entire career. There is something so exciting about finding money that you have been separated from (often times money you had no idea you even had). This week I picked up on a new way to search for lost money that may be one of the biggest breakthroughs on the topic yet.


How The Internet Has Changed Everything, But It Was Still Not Perfect

Being able to go to a state or federal website and complete a comprehensive search for lost money makes doing a search possible from any computer connected to the Internet. There are still, however, substantial challenges in finding your lost money (even with the power of these Internet databases). First, you must know which of these databases to search. Yes, you could just search them all, but then you might have a life to live. Even if you decide to perform a search at each every single database, you should know that you will have to search them all again at least once or twice per year - every year, for the rest of your life (to truly stay on top of the potential money that is out there).

Lost Money I Have Found Under The 'Old' System

I found several thousand dollars of lost insurance commissions over the last ten years. To make a long story short, when I moved to Texas for 4 years in the 1990's I started a life insurance business. Many of our investment clients needed to buy term life insurance, so it was a logical add-on. Life insurance pays out an initial commission to the agent, (and most of the time ongoing commissions over the years that the policy remains in force). After finding my first lost insurance commission at the State Of Texas unclaimed funds site, I continued to go back regularly and find money every few months. It was like a never ending stream of checks for at least $100 each (sometimes much more).

Oddly enough, during the four years I was in Texas I had a number of lost money items that ended up at the State Of Florida Treasurer's office. So, I ping-ponged back and forth between the two state websites (and yep money kept popping up over and over again). Well, sad to report but the well ran dry. I guess I finally found it all... but maybe not.

How I Just Found Even More Lost Money In An Unlikely Place

This dog learned a new trick and I found MORE LOST MONEY! Using a new search technique on Sunday night I found another 'lost insurance commission' being held by the state of Virginia. What? I have never lived in Virginia! Yes, and this is why finding lost money is not just as easy as checking with your home state treasurer's website. There are countless scenarios where lost money will never show up at your home state's website (and many times you won't find all of your lost money even if you search the websites of every single state where you have lived).


Finding Lost Money From Almost 50 Years Ago 

Now this may be the strangest story yet on the topic of lost money. I have mentioned in the past that I found a forgotten bank account belonging to my wife's brother worth several thousand dollars (yes, that was one way to get the in-laws to like me). Sunday night, using my newfound technique, I located an account from 47 years ago belonging to my wife's deceased father!  This is really odd - my wife was only in the fourth grade and her family moved to Florida from California in 1968. The Sharrer family lived in Orange Park, Florida for just one year and returned back to the west coast. We don't know the amount yet, but we are very excited to find out! (sometimes it is indicated that the amount is above say $50 or $100, but other times there are no clues as to how much money it is). 


New Method Of Searching

I learned a new way of searching for lost money this week. It provides a mechanism for searching virtually all state lost money databases in one search. This is how I found another lost insurance commission in Virginia. I have never lived in Virginia and would have had no reason to search in this state. Similarly, no one would have every thought to search for lost money for my wife's father in Florida. They only lived in Florida for one year and that was nearly 50 years ago! This new search option really closes the gap and makes searching much easier and much more comprehensive. This is all covered on my new video just released today.

New Lost Money Training Video Now Available! 

How To Find

This new two part video is the most comprehensive training you will find anywhere on how to located unclaimed funds. With more than $60 billion dollars in lost funds, this video will take through the step by step process to search every state in the U.S. and every federal agency holding lost money. Search for yourself, other family members, even your friends. Who knows how much you might find? This new video is free and available for immediate download and viewing for members of ChristianMoneyPlus.

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