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Who Is Behind

You may have been involved in a heated debate on a political issue, or mentioned a news story or Internet rumor, and been rebuffed with the line, 'Check ... it is not true.' is a fact checking website that many consider to be the final word on rumors, urban legends, and even news stories. Most people trust Snopes, but who are they and who is running this site?


It is not run by a college journalism department or a worldwide research team, just a husband and wife team in Southern California. David and Barbara Mikkeslon, started the site in 1995 as a part time project, which later turned into a full time effort. According to Wikipedia, the site gets about 300,000 visits per day. Many now suggest that Snopes has a liberal bias and that the site should not be considered a neutral source. I don't visit this site often, but I was surprised to learn that it was operated by only two people. Christians should also know that the Mikkelsons are atheists. See this video below that highlights their godless views.


The next time someone brings up Snopes, give them your own facts about the fact-checkers themselves. 

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