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TV Star Offers To Help You Get Rich In Real Estate

I have been hearing quite a few radio ads lately from real estate guru Than Merrill. He was featured in seasons three and four of the A&E TV show Flip This House. Merrill was also a notable college football star that was drafted by the Tampa Bay Bucs in 2001. His NFL career ended in 2003 when he suffered a knee injury.


The ad (voiced by Merrill) says that he is looking to add people to his real estate investing team, and that his flipping opportunity is ideal for the (insert city name) market. Yep, it said that Daytona Beach was the ideal market for his system, and it also said the same about Jacksonville. See video below and note how it is customized for Medford, Oregon. 


I was surprised to learn that Merrill's seminar company, Fortune Builders, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. It is unfortunate that we have to all immediately assume that a real estate seminar company is scam. Merrill's free seminar promotes a three day workshop for $197 - that sounds like a reasonable price. Maybe Merrill will turn out to be the exception to the rule within the world of real estate gurus.  We will see.

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