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I have been sharing my enthusiasm for Ripple XRP for a year now. Many (including me) believe that it is the next Bitcoin. If you want to know more about Ripple, here is my article from a year ago. The purpose of today's article is to discuss the rapid increase in value since July of this year. 

I receive frequent questions from readers of the blog about the fluctuating value of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is currently valued at $329. I initially bought Bitcoin when it was only at $12, so I am not terribly concerned about the wide fluctuations. Volatility is, however, part of the digital currency game. Bitcoin reached an all time high of $1,216 in November of 2013. In 2009 it was worth less than a penny and within two years a single Bitcoin was valued at $1. Many that buy digital currency expect it to trade like a large company stock. The ups and downs are simply too much for some people to deal with. This is why I have always said you should only buy a modest amount of any digital currency, and in an amount that you are willing to lose.  

While a jump in price from a 1/2 cent to 2 1/2 cents may not seem like much, it is a 500% move. This means even just $100 in Ripple XRP in July would be worth $500 today. I am convinced that the future is very bright for Ripple, and even if you had just a tiny amount it may represent a fortune in the future.

XRP Price Rise Gives Ripple $500 Million Market Cap (1) 

Crazy Example - Turn $25 Into $500,000?

What if you bought 1,000 Ripple XRP today (a total cost of $25) and the value reached $500? (this is not even half of Bitcoin's highest historical price). Your Ripple would be worth $500,000! Wow, that is really hard to imagine, but it is certainly not unprecedented. I would argue that this is a far better outlay of money than buying lottery tickets, Iraqi Dinar, or any number of other speculative propositions that Christians have promoted in recent years. 

A Secret Opportunity?

Now, the reason why I am so excited about Ripple XRP.  Very few people know about this digital currency and even with the recent spike in price there is virtually no news coverage. Ripple XRP has solidified its position as the #2 digital currency and I believe there is a limited amount of time to get on this train before the word gets out. Right now, I am even in the process of converting a portion of my Bitcoin into Ripple. This is how convinced I am that there is a huge opportunity here. I think Bitcoin could still go much higher, but I think the real upside here is in Ripple XRP.

An Even Better Idea

What if you could get your first 1,000 Ripple XRP for free? I am making a very limited offer to new subscribers to ChristianMoneyPlus. For those that grab an annual subscription I will give you 1,000 Ripple XRP.  As a member of my subscriber only portal you will also learn how to buy additional digital currency on your own. Some may also want to use this information to teach a class at their church or simply pass along to friends. 

I can only keep this offer on the table for a very short period of time. First, I can only honor this at current price levels. If the price jumps above 2 1/2 cents we will have to discontinue or modify the offer. We are also going to put a time limit of Sunday night at midnight (December 28, 2014). I would not wait until then, however, as I may be forced to take the offer down due to a price increase. If you would simply like to learn more about Ripple XRP, you can download a free PDF with some great background information. As Ripple XRP approaches its second birthday, I believe that exciting days are ahead.

Grab your 1,000 Ripple XRP and a one year subscription to ChristianMoneyPlus - Click Here.

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