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The End Of Radio?

I read a thought provoking article today about the future of radio. Let's face it, AM/FM radio probably represents one of the oldest technologies in our society that has not yet been replaced or substantially improved. The death knell for radio appears to be free city wide WiFi. Although it is already possible to connect your smartphone to the auxiliary jack on your car stereo, most people don't stream the Internet while driving. This is due largely to the high cost of data (accessing the Internet through your cell phone provider's wireless network). Even if you have a generous data plan, it doesn't take long to rack up data charges if you frequently stream live Internet radio in your car. Depending on your location, your wireless connection may also be hit or miss. This is why just flipping on the radio is the easiest option for most people (and probably the only reason that traditional radio is still holding on to its last few listeners). Smart radio broadcasters are already making the transition by building an online following with their own online streams. Some radio shows (that got in the game early) have as many listeners that pick up their programming online as do over traditional radio. Glenn Beck would be one example of someone that really understands this trend and is exploiting it full force. In my own case, I host a radio show that is carried on satellite and is available to traditional radio stations. I have thousands more online listeners and downloads than I have listeners over the radio.

Why Free City Wide WiFi Is A Game Changer

Free municipal WiFi is now available in dozens of U.S. cities and it is expected to become ubiquitous in less than 3 years. The United States is actually on the slow track with regards to municipal WiFi. Municipal WiFi is  spreading internationally at a much faster pace than it is here in the U.S.  Once Internet streams become as easy to access as regular radio, the thinking is that traditional radio will simply not be able to compete. Think of it in the same context of what happened to over the air TV when cable become available. 


How You Can Profit From This Coming Change

I recently wrote an article sharing how easy it is today to launch an online radio or TV show.  Now is the time to stake out your piece of virtual real estate and begin to build a following for your own talk show. Just like we have seen with cable TV, you can start a show or 'channel' on virtually any topic and you will garner an audience. It takes virtually no money to launch your own show today. To offer you a bit of inspiration, I have decided to cut the cost of my 2 hour video by 50%. I can only do this for a very limited time, so grab it at this price while you can. Coupon code InternetShow brings your cost down to just $7.50.  Order Here

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