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10 Ways To Find Last Minute Christmas Deals

Holiday shopping sales were down 7 percent on Black Friday. This means that retailers will have no choice but to continue to offer deals all the way up to Christmas. If you missed out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this year you still have plenty of time to grab some great deals. In fact, if sales don't pick up, the clearance sales after Christmas could be epic. 

1. Major Retailers

There are deals just about everywhere, and this year retailers across the board are more competitive than ever. Bricks and mortar stores are also being very aggressive about matching the prices of their online competitors, so be sure and bring your smartphone on your shopping excursion. If you find a better deal online, don't hesitate to ask for a discount. 

2. Hidden Deals

Of course, Amazon is one place to always check prices. There are a couple of ways to find what I call Amazon hidden deals. First, when considering an item on Amazon always click on the 'other sellers' link to see what other pricing may be available. This can also include a slightly used item. I buy a lot of books this way. Many times a book will be sold as 'used' but is described by the seller as 'like new' and the difference in quality is virtually undetectable (many times I save 50%). 

RccarAmazon Gold Box Deals provide an ever changing list of deals 24 hours a day. These deals are all timed, so you have to jump on them when they become available.

Utilize Amazon price range search to find deals within your budget. I have even found that I was able to discover a lower price on the very same product using this tool on the right hand sidebar (see example below). Note that you must select a department first before you can use the price range tool. If you are an Amazon Prime member you would likely also select the Prime option to show only those items with free shipping within the desired price range.


Another great tool is Price Jump. This is an extension for the Chrome browser that will tell you whether or not Amazon has the best deal online for a given product. If not, it will direct you to the site with the lower price.

3. Woot

Woot is owned by Amazon and is all about daily deals and bargains. Everything from computers, to sports, to kids items, there is a very wide selection. Deals are limited by time on Woot, but you usually have a few days (while supplies last). Despite being owned by Amazon, free Prime shipping is not available on your purchases. 



NoMoreRack is known as a flash deal site. This is comparable to Amazon's Goldbox (as the deals come and go based on time and quantity and usually only last a few hours). 



Overstock  has great prices and deals mostly in clearance items. I have bought quite a lot of items from this site including furniture and even a jacuzzi hot tub.

6. Thrift Stores, Garage Sales, And Flea Markets

If you are shopping for someone that you know well, you may find that perfect item at a thrift shop, garage sales, or even a flea market. It is always a lot of fun to go out looking for a collectible item for a loved one that has a niche interest. My mom, for example, collects cows. Yes, kind of odd, but any kind of cow figurine and she is thrilled. It might take two or three hours of shopping, but then pay dirt! Many times the item itself does not even cost all that much, it is more of an investment of time to go on the scavenger hunt to find it. Also, it is interesting to note that Goodwill is now online as well.


7. Ebay

Ebay is also a great place to find unique items and even new items as well. I bought my wife a collectible item on Ebay for Christmas this year. I know it will be more appreciated than any new item I could ever find. Trust me on this, buy an adult a toy they had as a child and you will never go wrong.  

8. Etsy

Etsy is a very interesting site that many people don't know about. Etsy is a marketplace of all handmade items. The neat thing about Etsy is that the prices are surprisingly reasonable. If you are looking for something truly unique, this is the place to get it. Everything from handmade clothing, to a quilt, to original art, a great site to consider.

9. Discount Gift Cards

CardCash is just one of several websites where you can buy gift cards at a discount to face value. Another site is Discounts of 5% to 35% are available on major retailer and restaurant gift cards. Be sure that you never pay sales tax when you buy a gift card (online or otherwise). Sales tax is charged against the purchases made on the card, but never on the sale of the card itself. 


10. Groupon Goods

There is a unique and growing section on the Groupon website called Groupon Goods. You will find a wide variety of items for sale and the prices are downright incredible. 


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