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Many of you know that I dropped cable TV over a year ago now. We use a ROKU box to access our programming via the Internet. Several months ago I bought the Google Chromecast device, which allows me to stream content directly from my smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer, directly to my TV. Honestly, I bought it not really knowing how much I would use it or how it might complement my ROKU. It is very easy to set up - just plug it into the wall and then into an available HDMI slot in the back of your TV, add the Chromecast app to any device you want to stream from and you are ready to go.


I have to tell you that my family just loves it. For starters, we all use it to put our favorite YouTube videos up on the 60 inch TV. That alone is worth it, but we have found more and more ways of utilizing Google Chromecast to access online content. For example, last week when the riots broke out in Ferguson Missouri I was able to find several online streams covering the events. With the click of a button, the streaming video was up on my big screen TV. We also did the same thing to watch the Macy's Parade using a site called 

One feature that we all especially love are the screensaver pictures that come up when you are not streaming content to your TV. These are some of the most amazing and beautiful pictures that you will ever see. It is almost like turning your TV into an ever changing canvas of paintings.

Example Of A Screensaver Picture


We like it so much that when they went on sale last week on Cyber Monday I was able to grab a second one for our bedroom TV for just $23. The word is that Chromecast deals will bubble up again some time before Christmas. Whether you are planning to drop cable TV or not, I think you will find this little gem well worth the money.

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