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Childrens Books - A Growing Niche In The World Of eBooks

One area that many of us fail to consider as ebook authors is the audience of young readers who, both on their own as well as at the urging of their parents, make up a significant portion of the overall book-buying population. Parents have always been aggressive about having their children learn to read, and as all age groups see a rise, at varying rates, in their purchase of ebooks relative to traditional books, the younger book consuming audience will continue to improve as a prime market for authors. In fact, there is a strong belief on the part of industry watchers that ebooks will begin to grow even faster among younger audiences, as the relationship between books and gadgets…which always catch a young person’s eye…grows even closer. We are now seeing useful data that supports this idea - according to a recent survey from PlayCollective and Digital Book World, over 45 percent of all parents who have children between the ages of 2 and 13 plan to purchase a device this holiday season for the express purpose of enabling their kids to read ebooks.


If you are someone who has long been interested in writing for the children’s and/or young adult audience, the trends are certainly suggesting that your time would not be wasted if you did so through the format of ebooks. For more information on our highly popular eBook course, click here.

    Robert G. Yetman, Jr.

Managing Editor, The James L. Paris Report