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Jim Paris Giving Away Free Product Scanner For Amazon Flipping

Just a quick update here to report that I have now had 11 sales in the last 7 days and a total of $165 in earnings. As I have reported in my previous articles on this, I am very surprised at how quickly items are selling. I have another big shipment to put together to send out to Amazon on Monday. 

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Buying A Desktop Scanner


I have reached the point with Amazon FBA that I am convinced I will continue to do this part time. I am also starting to learn some really cool shortcuts. One item that I just purchased is a desktop scanner. This will provide a way for me to skip the step of typing in the barcode numbers on each new product that I add to my inventory. This will be a huge timesaver for me and I plan to go automated on my next wave of products I will be adding to my inventory. Here is a video below outlining the benefit of grabbing a desktop scanner.



I have heard from so many of you that have wanted to join my training program but have missed out on the various bonus offers I have made in the past three weeks. So, here is another chance to get in with a nice bonus. Everyone that joins through Sunday night December 14 (extended to December 21) at midnight Eastern will receive a desktop scanner as a free gift. 

You will receive my four hour video, membership in my private Facebook group, and unlimited Q and A support for 60 days with me personally. 

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