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Woman Stops ATM Attack With Key FOB

The picture below is horrifying. I can't imagine my wife, mother, or daughters being grabbed like this.

This attack took place three weeks ago in Melbourne, FL (about an hour south of where I live) at a Bank Of America ATM. The victim was able to get away by pressing the panic button on her vehicle's key fob. I was teaching a martial arts class a couple of weeks back and brought in this story to share with my students. No special martial arts tactics were needed, mace, pepper spray, or even a firearm.  

It is clear that this lady was on her guard and had her remote ready 'just in case.'  Her instincts were spot on, and she escaped the attack. The suspect was caught after being identified from security camera pictures and is being held on $200,000 bond. Please pass along this story to everyone on your Facebook and e mail list - I know it will save lives.

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