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Throwing Away Those Old VHS Tapes May Be A Huge Mistake

Many of you know that we are about to launch a new workshop series on buying items offline with the plan of reselling them online for more. One of the most unusual things I have learned so far is the value and demand for VHS tapes. I was discussing this the other day with Bob Yetman and we both laughed as we speculated about who would want VHS tapes. As odd as this market niche is to us, it cannot be denied that there is a demand out there. Box sets are especially popular among collectors (but you should still do a price scan as not all are in demand for a reasonable price). People work VHS tapes in different ways. The guy on the video below only hunts for high value items ($100 and above). Other people take the "buy for a quarter sell for $5 approach..." (which is much easier to do). Of course, an easy way to get started is to sell your own stockpile of VHS tapes (I have a boxes of them that I need to go through). 

I love this video as it shows a great way to know what VHS tapes to look for


On a recent scouting trip I made to the Goodwill store I picked up quite a few VHS tapes with plans of reselling them on Amazon. This is one great example of an important category for the use of a scanning app on your smartphone. VHS tapes are really hit or miss, but they are incredibly cheap. I paid about 25 cents for each VHS tape I picked up. Even if the retail value on Amazon is only $4 or $5, you can still do well if you sell enough of them. Also, when you consider how easy it is to box them all up and ship them to Amazon FBA, it is really a no brainer. 

With Amazon handling the shipping for you (and at a much lower cost than you could do on your own), VHS tapes are a great category to work in. Some people scout full time for VHS tapes at garage sales, thrift shops, and flea markets, and do very well. 

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