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Pay For Christmas With Other People's Money

How To Discover Your Hidden Wealth

This is the time of the year when people start to scramble for extra money. The first idea many people come up with is to sell unwanted items. I love the idea of having a big garage sale, or simply selling things you don't need on eBay or Craigslist. Most of us could easily pick up a few hundred dollars (and as a side benefit end up with a clean garage). I want to share with you in this article is how to tap into an asset you already have that could be worth thousands (maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars).  

Stumbling Across $10 Million Dollars

You might have heard the story of a California couple earlier this year that found a rusty can while walking their dog in their yard. The can was partially buried, so they picked it up to take a look and discovered $10 million dollars in rare gold coins! I have often wondered if somewhere in one of my junk drawers is a super valuable coin, or maybe an item I have in a miscellaneous box in my garage is a rare antique, or could there be money hidden somewhere in the attic or walls of my home? Well, all nice thoughts but highly unlikely (but we can all dream, right?).

Uncovering Your Own Hidden Wealth

The street that I grew up on near Chicago was made up of tradesmen. From one end of the block to the other, virtually all of the blue collar professions were represented. My dad was an electrician, there were carpenters, a plumber, auto mechanics, roofers, air conditioning and heating guys, it was an amazing pool of talent. I will never forget one neighbor in particular by the name of Bob. Bob was a genius when it came to anything related to cars. He was almost always out in his garage working on an auto related project. He could do everything from the most complicated mechanical repair, to body work, and even highly specialized paint jobs. If any of us had a car problem we would immediately go across the street and ask Bob about it. Bob was a kind and generous soul that would drop everything and help out anyone in the neighborhood with their vehicle repair.

No one in the neighborhood was overtly wealthy, but the combination of skills and years of experience represented a goldmine of value. Most people simply don't see the amazing value in their own skills and talents (or how much others will gladly pay to tap into their specialized knowledge). They also don't understand how to move beyond a 'trading hours for money' approach. As a result, most never think to look beneath their feet to find that rusty can with the $10 million in gold coins. 

Hidden Wealth - The Story Of Ann Paris

AnnproductpicMy wife, Ann, stumbled across her own hidden wealth about ten years ago when she started teaching private singing lessons. Ann has been a music teacher in the public schools for 20 years now, but she dedicates one afternoon per week to her private voice students. As it turns out, Ann discovered that she has an amazing gift of solving a wide variety of problems that plague singers. At any given time, she may have more than a dozen people on a waiting list hoping for a spot to open up on her schedule.

She has toured the world as a professional singer. In fact, Ann and I met in our twenties when we were both on tour with the same Christian music group (I was a trumpet player). Ann has two Bachelor Degrees in music and a Master's in education. She is a certified teacher, and is an amazing singer and dancer in her own right. She discovered that she had the unique ability to transform average singers into professional level performers. This was Ann's hidden wealth and it was not until she was well into her forties that she discovered it. 


Trading Hours For Dollars

Because of Ann's already busy schedule teaching school, judging music festivals, and on occasion directing musical productions, she can only keep a maximum of 8 to 10 private students on her roster for weekly lessons. The way we have done this for years is to set aside Mondays from 3 until 9 for Ann to work with this select group. We considered other options for Ann to be able to train more singers, and were stumped until we came up with the idea that is the centerpiece of this article. We would create an information product based on Ann's singing system. With her new home study course, she can now reach an unlimited number of students, and she can earn an unlimited amount of money as well.  

The Hottest Opportunity Today - Selling Information Products Online

We talked about it for almost a year and finally we went into action. We spent four months creating The Ann Paris Vocal Relaxation System. It is available as a three ring bound home study course, or as a digital download. It includes a 40 page book, 20 page practice journal, three audio CDs, and a DVD. It was a real learning experience for me to put this all together. I was discussing the whole project with my business partner Bob, and we both agreed that there was so much I could share from my experience that we should do an online workshop on this right away. 

What Makes An Information Product Different Than An E-Book?

Most of you know that I am a huge fan of earning money by writing E-Books. No slight on E-Books, but an information product is simply a much bigger profit opportunity. Although I think it would be fair to say that an E-Book is a form of information product, what I am discussing here is something much more deluxe. Information products generally contain a multimedia element (audio and/or video). Let me be clear that you don't have to do something as elaborate as Ann. You can do something on a much smaller scale to begin with. 

For example, over the last five weeks I have been doing Wednesday night workshops that are now videos that I am selling for $15 each. The truth is that this was all information I already had rattling around in my brain, I just had to sit down and share it on a recorded webinar. Every day now I have money coming in from the sale of these videos. Two hours of work for each video and an ongoing income for years to come (not a bad deal). I have even seen people with shorter videos going for $5 on things like how to remove a computer virus, or the basics of using Excel, etc... 

Ideas For Information Products

Add text (6)There are ideas all around us for information products. Let me surprise you with a few that I am working on right now. First, I am outlining what will be a personal self defense video course. Many people don't know that I am a second degree black belt in Taekwondo. I have an idea for a one to two hour video that would cover a handful of easy to learn techniques that could be used in a real life self defense situation. 

OK, here is another one. My doctor recently put me on a medication that he suggested would curb my appetite. He wanted to help me to lose those last stubborn twenty pounds I want to shed. I have already quickly lost ten pounds, so I started doing some research into the wide array of prescription medications and supplements that trick the brain into feeling full. What about a book and audio on How To Lose Weight Without Ever Being Hungry?

 I Hate To Toot My Own Horn, But...

As a part time professional trumpet player, I have often thought about creating a trumpet method of my own. It is a unique challenge to play just part time and still maintain the ability to hit all of the high notes. In my case, I play lead trumpet (the screecher part), and I have developed some exercises that I go through the day of a performance. What about something like, Exercises For The Part Time Lead Trumpet Player - How To Maintain Your Upper Register With Minimal Practice Between Gigs. There are occasions when I don't play for two weeks and then have to play lead trumpet for a three hour show with the big band. I am asked over and over again, how do you keep your upper register so solid when you don't play that often? Well, I have an answer to that, and I know that a lot of trumpet players would gladly pay for my information.

Dig Up Ideas At ClickBank

As you can see from my own examples, your information product can be on a topic you have expert knowledge on, or just based on an experience you can share (or something you have researched). Most people can easily come up with a long list of possibilities. Check out ClickBank's Marketplace. There are thousands of information products to provide inspiration for your own idea. 

How To Uncover Your Own Hidden Wealth - 2 Hour Video Now Available

Bob Yetman and I just completed a new video on how to develop an information product. I will be sharing how to -

  • Inexpensively create audio and video using your own computer
  • Easily get set up to accept credit cards
  • Set up a system that will automatically fulfill your orders 24 hours a day
  • Create a 'digital only' format product
  • Design a 'physical version' of your product (and why you should)
  • Determine Your Sales Price
  • Select a winning idea
  • Set up a simple website to promote your product
  • Easily deal with the matter of collecting sales tax
  • Set up an affiliate program and get hundreds (or thousands) of people promoting your product online

I Have So Much I Want To Share With You!

I just went through all of this while launching Ann's new home study course. It is all fresh on my mind and I am ready to give you the whole back story on everything we did, why we did it, and how we did it. 

  • Where were the CDs and DVDs manufactured?
  • How did we get the product cover designed?
  • The trick we used that allowed Ann to 'write' her entire book in only three hours!
  • Where we are buying the binders (one at a time)
  • The simple one page marketing website that was built in only 4 hours
  • How we filmed the entire video in a half day
  • The simple method that Ann used to create her audio CDs in only three hours!

I want to get this information out to as many people as possible, so I am going to offer this video for just 15. If you are a member of my Internet Coaching program, you can access it for free in the member library. Click Here To Order Your Video Download (instant download)

P.S. I wish my car expert neighbor, Bob, was still around today. He could easily create dozens of information products on auto repair and restoration.

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