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Self Published E-Books Make Bestseller List

Digital Book World’s latest bestseller list reveals that there are five self-published ebooks among the top 15, with three of those having recently ascended into the top 10. These authors are fighting it out with such renowned names as James Patterson, Clive Cussler, Bill O’Reilly, and John Grisham for their spots atop the list.


Is there a bestselling ebook lurking inside your brain right now, just waiting to be written? There may well be, but the prospect of enjoying chart-topping sales is by no means the only reason to get started in the world of ebooks; the fact is that there is a variety of reasons why you might do well to begin churning out your own line of ebooks, to include enjoying the credibility and cachet that come with being a published author in your field of expertise, whatever that field might be. If you’re finally ready to get serious about becoming an ebook author, but you think you might benefit from a bit of “hand-holding” as you begin the process, take a look at our e book publishing course. 

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