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I have spent the last two weeks researching a concept that I call Amazon Flipping. It all started with an article I read. This led to reading multiple books, articles, blog posts, and then watching dozens of YouTube videos. If you are a regular reader, you know that I am as skeptical as they come. Now that I am convinced that it is completely legit, I feel like a total fool that I didn't discover it sooner. What Is Amazon Flipping? Simply put, you find low priced items to buy and then turn around and sell them at a higher... Read more →

Facebook And Your Checkbook - Rachel Cruze Daughter Of Dave Ramsey Joins Jim Paris Live On this episode Rachel Cruze, the daughter of Dave Ramsey joins Jim Paris Live. How to teach your kids about money. How does social media affect our spending? What unique financial challenges do Millennials face today? How to go to college without using student loans, the dangers of credit card debt, and much more. Read more →

Mayor Of Ferguson Missouri Has Identity Stolen By Hackers Supporting Michael Brown On this episode - James Knowles, mayor of Ferguson MO has his identity stolen by hackers, Amazon arbitrage and how people are making money online with it, a website that will pay off your student loans, massive meteor in Texas, and the drought in California is so bad that people are stealing water. Read more →

Almost every day I get this one question... it comes in slightly different forms. The background of the person will differ from one case to the next, but it is essentially the same question. Jim, what is the fastest path you can put me on to make some extra money? Of course, if you regularly read this blog you will know that ways to earn extra money is a regular theme of what I write about. The other day I made my regular trip to Dunkin' Donuts to pick up a cup of a coffee. The young lady that normally... Read more → is offering a new way to pay off student loans. The site matches up businesses with freelancers. Freelancers are compensated with 'loan credits' that are used to pay down their student loan balance. Gradible says that typical work projects pay between $5 and $500 and most users earn more than $10 per hour. In addition to working off their student loan debt, Gradible says that the work projects will also give recent graduates valuable experience to will help to beef up their resume. Helping you make the most of God's money! James L. Paris Editor-In-Chief Follow Me on... Read more →

Fake IRS Agents Steal $16,500 From Charlotte Minister

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that Al Cadenhead, a Charlotte area minister, was scammed out of more than $16,000 by an individual impersonating an IRS agent. Cadenhead says tht he received a threatening phone call demanding money for unpaid taxes. He was told that the IRS was in the process of issuing liens against his home and a warrant for his arrest. The entire ordeal lasted nine hours. Cadenhead drained his home equity line and savings and transferred the funds to a number of Green Dot cash cards (as he was instructed to do by the scammers). The card numbers... Read more →

It is now all but a foregone conclusion that that Officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted by a Missouri Grand Jury. Although the decision has not been announced, multiple media sources are already telegraphing it. Riots of historic proportions are expected. Some believe that rioting on the level of what happened after the Rodney King verdict are to be expected, not just in Ferguson but in many major cities nationwide. Well, the reprisals have already begun. It is now being reported that the mayor of Ferguson Missouri, James Knowles, has become the victim of Identity Theft. He says that... Read more →

Fake IRS Agent Caught On Tape

As we have previously reported, individuals posing as IRS agents have stolen millions from victims nationwide. has received the below recording from a confidential informant. The phone number mentioned in the recording has now been disconnected 'due to fraud.' The individual that provided this recording wishes to stay anonymous. The message was left on their voicemail the last week of October 2014. Our Other Reports On This Scam - Fake IRS Agents Steal $5 Million Nationwide Pastor Loses $16,500 In Fake IRS Agent Scam Read more →

Christians And The Paranormal - Author Cris Putnam On Jim Paris Live Cris Putnam, author of The Supernatural Worldview, joins Jim Paris Live. What should Christians think about the idea of ghosts, haunted houses, and other unexplained phenomenon? Why is there such a rise in popularity of paranormal themed TV programs? Can all paranormal activity simply be attributed to demons? How should Christians view those that claim that they can communicate with the dead? (John Edwards, James Van Praagh, etc...)? Why is the acceptance of the supernatural so much greater outside of the United States? Why does the church today minimize the miracles and supernatural events surrounding the Gospel account of... Read more →

Pay For Christmas With Other People's Money On this episode Jim discusses how to pay for Christmas by simply sharing links online to retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and others. Are the Millennials a generation of narcissists? Philadelphia establishes Craigslist transaction safe zones. Fake IRS agent scam continues to rake in thousands. Chip and Pin technology coming by early 2015 to many government agencies. Forget Black Friday, the sales have already started. Obamacare enrollment opening up again on November 15, why you should see what options are available to you. Why Christian medical sharing is a better option than ever. Read more →

This is the time of the year when people start to scramble for extra money. The first idea many people come up with is to sell unwanted items. I love the idea of having a big garage sale, or simply selling things you don't need on eBay or Craigslist. Most of us could easily pick up a few hundred dollars (and as a side benefit end up with a clean garage). I want to share with you in this article is how to tap into an asset you already have that could be worth thousands (maybe even hundreds of thousands... Read more →