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Louisiana Restaurant Offers Discount to Patrons Who Pack Heat

While Americans, by and large, have demonstrated time and again that they do not want restrictions on their guns, a vocal minority continues to try as hard as it can to disarm the nation’s law-abiding citizens. Recently, some militant, anti-gun groups, like Moms Demand Action, have placed particular scrutiny on retail establishments, pressuring them to create policies that prohibit appropriately-licensed gun owners from carrying inside their stores and restaurants.


Finally, however, we’re seeing evidence of a bit of “pushback” at other retail locations against the trend of effectively disarming citizens. Take, for example, Bergeron’s restaurant of Port Allen, Louisiana; Bergeron’s is one of a growing number of retail locations that is actually encouraging the patronization of gun-carrying customers. As a matter of fact, Bergeron’s has started offering a 10% discount to those customers who come in packing heat. Restaurant owner Kevin Cox implemented the gun-carriers discount six weeks ago, and has seen his lunch business jump 25% since that time; says Cox, in a recent article, “Show that you have one so if something goes wrong here today I know you're here to protect me.” For that, he’s willing to pass along a discount that once went only to police officers.

The matter of gun rights is one area in which enormous numbers of conservatives, as well as those who may not see themselves as conservative but are nevertheless supporters of the 2nd Amendment, have shown the willingness to fight back against the collectivists. As a matter of fact, America’s culture of gun ownership is so strong, so deep, that even many of a political persuasion anathema to most of what the typical conservative stands for are themselves in lockstep with him when it comes to the matter of guns. On that note, it’s not surprising to see overt, grass-roots efforts supporting the expression of gun rights in stores and restaurants throughout America gain strength, and it’s likely that we’ll find this is just the beginning.   

Robert G. Yetman, Jr.
Managing Editor, The James L. Paris Report