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Jim, How Can I Make Some Quick Money?

Almost every day I get this one question... it comes in slightly different forms. The background of the person will differ from one case to the next, but it is essentially the same question. Jim, what is the fastest path you can put me on to make some extra money? Of course, if you regularly read this blog you will know that ways to earn extra money is a regular theme of what I write about. 

The other day I made my regular trip to Dunkin' Donuts to pick up a cup of a coffee. The young lady that normally waits on me was not behind the counter, but standing next to me in line. She was not wearing a Dunkin' Donuts uniform either, but scrubs. It took me a couple of seconds to overcome my confusion. I asked her if she was still working for Dunkin' Donuts. She explained that she had a new job as a phlebotomist. She shared that she was making $12 per hour and was on a great new career track (a phlebotomist is someone trained to work in a lab, principally drawing blood). I asked her if she went to college to get certified to do that. She laughed and explained that it only took 3 months to get her certification. Wow, from Dunkin' Donuts to working in a lab and with a starting hourly rate of $12, not bad (and in only 3 months).


I love these stories of people finding new careers and opportunities that involve minimal training. Many people believe that their choices are to either pursue a four year degree or stay in their current rut. There are so many new opportunities out there like this one that only require a few weeks or months of training.

My Favorite Income Generator That Requires Very Minimal Training

If I had to pick just one opportunity that represents both a very good income generator and requires minimal training, it would be website building. In about ten hours of training, you can learn how to build websites. As a website builder, your services will be in immediate demand. You would not believe how many businesses still do not have a website. I even know a guy that simply hands out a few flyers a day that say , "I fix broken websites" and he is incredibly busy. I hear so many times about scenarios where a small business had a website built years ago and their webmaster disappeared. While they don't need a completely new site, they do need it to be updated and a usually a few pages redesigned. 

Even if you don't start a website building business, you will be able to add this to your resume and make this part of the skills that you offer to your employer. You can also volunteer to get involved building or maintaining a website for your church as well!

My Online Training On Website Building

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I will also include a free microphone headset, a website building account for you to practice on, access to more than 100 videos on website building and design, 500 videos on general Internet marketing, unlimited Q and A support with me personally, access to our 10 monthly workshops, and my three newest videos - How To Start An Internet Talk Show, And How To Develop And Market Information Products, and Profit Surfing.

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