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Fake IRS Agents Steal $16,500 From Charlotte Minister

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that Al Cadenhead, a Charlotte area minister, was scammed out of more than $16,000 by an individual impersonating an IRS agent. Cadenhead says tht he received a threatening phone call demanding money for unpaid taxes. He was told that the IRS was in the process of issuing liens against his home and a warrant for his arrest. The entire ordeal lasted nine hours. Cadenhead drained his home equity line and savings and transferred the funds to a number of Green Dot cash cards (as he was instructed to do by the scammers). The card numbers were given over the phone to the fake IRS agent to pay his 'delinquent tax bill' so that he would avoid arrest.

Despite the embarrassment, Cadenhead decided to go public to warn others. More on this story here.

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