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Do You Have A Financial Equalizer?

EqualizerI don't know if you remember the old TV show The Equalizer. I absolutely loved this show. Edward Woodward was perfectly cast as the main character, Robert McCall. The Equalizer was a retired spy that used his background and special skills to help ordinary people get justice (when the authorities were of no help). 

By the way, if you missed it, the movie version starring Denzel Washington came out just a few weeks ago. The movie version was a bit more violent than the TV show (see trailer below). 


You have to love The Equalizer because he was ready, willing, and able to step up and help an average person that was being victimized. I always loved to watch the bad guys as they laughed at him, not knowing what they had just gotten themselves into. They had won the worst kind of lottery, having crossed paths with an adversary that had them outmatched in every way imaginable.

I Like To Think Of Myself As The Financial Equalizer

The world is filled with financial bullies. They are standing on every street corner waiting to take your lunch money and give you a black eye. Yep, I personally run up against them almost every day myself. This summer a  major national auto repair shop charged me over $500 for a repair on a car I gave to my son. Less than six weeks later my son was stranded in Orlando when the axle that was installed completely failed. I went back to the repair shop and the manager was not just rude, he shouted at me and said he would not reimburse us for the emergency repairs. I quietly said under my breath, "you picked the wrong guy pal." It took about a month, but I received a nice letter of apology from their corporate office along with sizable check. 

My wife joined a local health club several months ago and began to run into trouble when she was repeatedly unable to take the promised fitness classes. We finally figured out that the club had sold too many memberships and to deal with the overcrowding they had employed a series of unethical tactics to prevent people from taking the classes (too long of a story to get into details). My wife repeatedly complained and they were downright rude. So, she decided to cancel on the basis that they were unable to provide the services she had signed up for. They said she could not cancel without paying a cancellation fee and an additional month of membership and only after 30 days notice (and on and on). She sent them a certified letter informing them of her immediate cancellation and that she would not be paying them a dime more. After receiving the letter they called my wife and made a series of threats (including suing her, destroying her credit, continuing to take money from her bank account, etc...). Well - they may now just be figuring out that they picked the wife of the Financial Equalizer to victimize. Let us just say that they will soon wish they had picked someone else. 

Left For Dead, But I Am Back

TkdpicMy own brother and bookkeeper embezzled two million dollars from me in 2002 and left me bankrupt. He laughed and said it was my word against his. From the local police all the way up to the FBI, no one would help me. I won't share the whole story here, but I sued him and obtained a judgment for nearly $5 million dollars. I also got him banned for life from the securities industry. No, this was not revenge - it was justice. Like Jesus, I am not afraid to turn over the tables of the money changers and I have done so on many occasions (and will continue to when necessary). Nothing makes me more angry than scammers stealing from God's people.

You may have read the book about the $100 million dollar worldwide Ponzi scheme that I exposed last year. They targeted the Christian community, pastors, and entire churches. They hired a private investigator to follow me, they tried to intimidate me, and even threatened my family. The whole thing was shut down and the promoters are now in court facing thousands in fines (and maybe worse before it is over). My reporting led to more than $11 million dollars being frozen in foreign bank accounts that can be used to pay back victims. 

Do You Want Me In Your Corner?

As a member of ChristianMoneyPlus, you have unlimited access to me for questions on just about any topic. My only limitation is that I can not offer you personalized investment or legal advice. I can, however, answer general questions about investing. If it is a legal matter, I have a ton of resources I can connect you with. I regularly help people to get justice when they have been scammed. Some of the most popular areas that I get questions on include -

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  • Real Estate Buying And Selling
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  • Refinancing And Consolidating Debts
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  • Bitcoin And Digital Currency
  • Save Money On Insurance
  • Starting A Business
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  • Crowdfunding

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