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Amazon Flipping: Deciding What Items To Sell on eBay Instead

I have now officially entered this strange new world of buying items with the plan of selling them online (for more money). Well, as much as I have made clear that I am not an eBay person, I may have to reconsider that. I was in a Goodwill Store on Friday for about an hour browsing the aisles. Well, I had a huge haul of items for only $38. Most of this will end up on Amazon through my new FBA seller account. There were a few items, however, that are going to be sold on eBay. Why? Well, this is the best platform for collectibles and 'unusual' merchandise. What I am already learning is that you will find great eBay items while you are out scouting for Amazon FBA products. So, why miss out on this money as long as you are already doing the work?


In my case, a couple of the items I picked up to sell on eBay will pay for my entire haul of merchandise. I should end up with more than $100 profit from the collectible type items from this one trip. I was very surprised at how easy it was to use my smartphone to check prices and values as I worked my way through the Goodwill Store. I will also add that it was really a lot of fun. I have not done any retail browsing in years, and find all of this very interesting. I also tripped across a fairly rare Bruce Lee VHS and some other very cool items (some of which I am just keeping for myself).

You Will Also Find A Lot Of Items For Your Own Use

You may be familiar with the picture I use when I am marketing my radio show (see below). I am wearing a suede dress coat that I originally paid $300 for a few years back. I really love this jacket and wear it a lot in the winter months. Well, I found the exact same coat for $7 at Goodwill. This was really weird, and it was my exact size too ( 42 short)!  It fit me perfectly right off the rack and looked like it had never been worn. My wife could not believe that I could have tripped across this! I actually went straight to my closet when I got home to make sure that this was not my own jacket. Who knows, maybe a good storyline for a Twilight Zone episode. 


Amazon Flipping Workshops Scheduled

image from jameslparis.typepad.comIf you do a Google search for the phrase Amazon arbitrage or retail arbitrage, you will find a ton of websites and courses you can buy. Some of these training programs are ridiculously expensive, and many are outright scams. I want to provide some really great actionable information in an easy to understand format. I also love the idea of us all working together and sharing our own ideas and strategies in a Facebook private group as well. 

I  don't claim to be an expert yet, but I have done a ton of research on it. I will be 100% transparent and share with you exactly how my own sales are going as we embark on this journey together. I also have some very important information to share on the issue of taxes and how to protect yourself from counterfeit merchandise as well. 

I am very excited about the opportunity that this represents for so many of our readers that are looking for creative ways to make extra money online. The tuition to join us is $99, but the first 50 students to sign up can use coupon code JLPFlipCourse and save $50. Click Here To Sign Up Today!

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