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Georgia Woman Loses Home Over $94.85

CBS Atlanta is reporting that a woman lost her condo to auction over an unpaid tax bill in the amount of $94.85. The woman, Xui Lui, says she never received any of the notices of the unpaid tax or the anouncement of the auction of her home. It turns out that the city of Norcoss, GA was using an incomplete address. This, in turn, led to the letters being returned to the city's office as 'undeliverable.' Reports are that the letters did not even include a street name. The city apparently had no procedure to deal with the multiple letters that were returned. 


Last week Lui did finally receive a properly addressed letter. It was the notice informing her that her home had been sold and that she had until November 25 to move out. What is especially tragic is that the woman purchased the home in 2011 for cash and owned it free and clear. She lives there with her four year old child. The city said that they don't know what can be done now that the condo has been legally sold. The city manger, Rudolph Smith, told CBS Atlanta on Monday that they are trying to work something out.  

The Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting today that Lui will be able to keep her home if she pays a $300 late fee. 

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