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I thought it might be timely to share an interesting story about legendary horror actor Vincent Price. Price may be best known in pop culture for his participation in Michael Jackson's Thriller recording and video. He was offered the option of $20,000 or a percentage of the royalties (Source: Price took the cash and forfeited any future financial participation. Little did he know that he would have earned millions, as Thriller would become the bestselling album of all time. Helping you make the most of God's money! James L. Paris Editor-In-Chief Follow Me on Twitter Christian Financial... Read more →

My goal is to help you become the absolute best steward you can be of God's money. I have owned and operated just about every kind of financial services company you can imagine. I am a true 'insider' and know how it all works and what you can do to get the best deal on everything from loan interest rates to credit cards to insurance. Most people are throwing away thousands of dollars each year - they just don't know it. I can show you how get to the bottom of the waste in your finances right away. I live... Read more →

Russ Baker - Bush Family Of Secrets And JFK Assassination On this episode Jim welcomes special guest Russ Baker, author of Family Of Secrets. Baker shares the history of the Bush family going back more than 100 years. Their intriguing connections to the financial and political elite and how it led to the election of two Bush family members to the presidency. Baker also weighs in on the JFK assassination and more. Russ Baker website Read more →

How Close Are We To The Mark Of The Beast? On this episode Jim discusses Apple Pay and recent comments by the president about the government moving to 'chip and pin' security - are these a set up for the coming Mark Of The Beast? Who is the new Ebola Czar and why doesn't he have any medical background? Pope Francis wants the Catholic Church to welcome gays, but not everyone agrees. Gas prices are falling to the lowest levels we have seen in years, but why? Beware of a new rental car scam that might make the cost of one toll more than $20. Read more →

It may be one of the most bizarre stories of white collar crime I have ever read. His name is Aubrey Price and he will be sentenced next week for bank, wire, and securities fraud. It is a familiar theme, a pastor that has figured out how to beat the stock market. Price, a former pastor turned investment guru in 2009, raised $50 million dollars from investors. The story seems simple enough. He was unable to generate the returns he promised, and rather than admit to the poor results, he cooked the books. Investors were led to believe that they... Read more →

Apple Pay rolls out this week and the word is that more than 220,000 mechants are on board. Consumers will now be able to make purchases with their iPhone. Near Field Communication requires nothing more than having your phone within a few inches of the checkout terminal. Is this a setup for the coming Mark Of The Beast? Click Here For Audio Clip Read more →

Recent guest on Jim Paris Live, Russ Baker, shared an interesting insight into the day of the JFK assassination and former president George HW Bush. Baker opines about Bush's CIA connections and his fuzzy memory of his whereabouts on November 22, 1963. Click Here For The Audio Clip You may also be interested in our latest book on the JFK Assassination - Executive Order 11110, now available at Russ Baker's Book Family Of Secrets At Read more →

Over at Huffington Post, Anthony Figliola of Empire Government Strategies has a featured blog wherein he discusses the student loan crisis, and details in that piece that while housing costs and health care costs have risen 175 percent and 454 percent, respectively, over the last 30 years, the cost of earning a college degree has ballooned 1120 percent during the same period. There is a variety of components to the student loan problem, but one that’s not talked about as much as it should be is how the absence of consumer protections from student loans, protections that began disappearing in... Read more →

The Carnival Cruise ship 'Magic' is in a panic. Why? It was just announced that one of the passengers is a healthcare worker from the same hospital that treated the now deceased Ebola patient Thomas Duncan. Yep, the same hospital that already has two nurses that have tested positive for Ebola. Can someone please help me understand what I am missing here? Early reports were that the unnamed Carnival passenger had direct contact with Duncan, but later reports now say that she worked in the lab and only performed tests on Ebola virus samples. Well, either way - I am... Read more →

John and Julieanne Dimitrion are on the FBI's most wanted while collar criminals list. The couple claimed to be Christians and were active members of their church in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Our original story on the Dimitrions will provide you more of a background. They have been on the run for more than four years, after pleading guilty to a massive mortgage fraud scheme and failing to appear at their sentencing hearing. New Developments In The Case Hawaii News Now is reporting that the parents recently admitted to the FBI that they have been in constant contact with the couple.... Read more →

More and more states are going to electronic toll booths and this has created a real problem for travelers. Of course, if you are visiting an area it is easy enough to simply go through the cash lane and pay your toll. But that option is disappearing in many places. The major rental car companies have decided to use this as a way to cash in. A number of state attorneys general are investigating so called administrative toll fees, and the class action lawsuits are already being filed. $22 To Go Over A Bridge? My wife and I went to... Read more →

I don't do a lot of product reviews, but wanted to pass along a great buy. I have been hating my office ' all in one'printer for the five years I have had it. The ink was overpriced, it was slow, and it could not do much of anything without a major hassle. Many times I hold on to outdated technology entirely too long (and this was definitely the case here). The good news is that after five years my printer stopped working completely and I had a great excuse to shop for a new unit. I was really surprised... Read more →

Is it the beginning of the end of cable TV? Probably not, but the latest move by HBO will only accelerate the trend of content providers offering their programming outside of traditional cable TV packages. HBO just announced that starting next year they will make available their channel via the Internet. Of course, readers of this blog know that I dropped cable TV over a year ago and don't miss it one bit. I have found that with a ROKU device and subscriptions to HULU and Netflix that I can get everything I want on my television. While I am... Read more →