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How To Start An Internet Online Radio Show

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I was very excited this week to make a guest appearance on an Internet talk show. I have done a lot of talk show appearances in my career, but this one was extra special. A good friend of our organization, Diana Williams, asked me to appear on her BlogTalkRadio program, Word Wisdom.  Diana has been involved with our Internet Coaching Program for many years. Diana is clearly a woman that is sold out to God. You can hear it in her voice, and she sounds like a real pro hosting her Internet talk show.


What has stuck with me this week is that we each have something really great to offer. God has given each of us a unique set of talents and interests. An Internet talk show is not just a lot of fun, but a chance for you to share your special gifts and insights with the world. I continue to be surprised at how few of our students have pursued their own Internet talk show.

My Own Radio Career Has Had Its Twists And Turns

If you are a regular visitor to, you are no doubt aware of the recent launch of my new Sunday night radio show on The Genesis Communications Network. My days in traditional radio go all the way back to being a DJ and a sports broadcaster for my high school radio station near Chicago. In my early twenties I started a local Saturday radio show in Orlando to promote my financial planning practice. I later became the substitute host of financial author Charles J. Givens' nationwide radio program. This would lead me to eventually hosting my own national radio and TV programs for many years. 

After my financial collapse in 2001, I never thought I would be back on the radio again. About five years later (with no money) I launched an Internet radio show on Talkshoe. I later transitioned that program to BlogTalkRadio.  Even with my return to traditional radio this summer, I continue to use BlogtalkRadio as a platform that listeners can use to access my past shows.

Internet radio

Internet Radio - Will It Soon Dwarf Traditional Radio?

While it has not happened yet, the trend is exciting. Internet radio may soon draw more listeners than traditional radio. Since almost everyone has a smartphone these days, listening to podcasts has become easier than ever. Its not just podcasts, though, as hundreds of Internet radio networks are popping up with 24/7 programming (much of it live). In my own case, Jim Paris Live is carried on TalkStreamLive (TSL) on Sunday nights (the live broadcast). TSL also replays my show more than ten times each week. I continue to work on finding more and more outlets for the broadcast. We don't have very many radio stations carrying the show yet, but it almost doesn't matter with the amount of Internet exposure we benefit from. 

The Cost To Start An Internet Talk Show

A basic BlogTalkRadio account is $39.95 per month. This gives you the ability to broadcast live, your own virtual studio, and the ability to take live calls. Even with this entry level account, you can broadcast up to two hours daily.

There are other even lower cost options. For example, many podcast hosting services like Podomatic offer a basic free account. In this case, you would simply record your program on your computer and then upload to your account. Once setup, your podcast feed can also be listed on iTunes and other podcast directories. 


How Can I Make Money From My Internet Talk Show?

Some people host an Internet talk show simply to build a following. This becomes their base for marketing their latest eBook, driving traffic to their blog or website, or generating speaking engagements. Some hosts get sponsors, while others promote affiliate products during their show. One interesting business model is that of Adam Corolla. He offers his current episodes for free, but charges for access to older shows. Corolla recently settled a multi-million dollar lawsuit over the profits from his podcast. Corolla's 20 million monthly downloads landed his podcast in the Guinness Book Of World Records. 

InternetbroadcastvideoSpecial Video Replay Of Live Workshop

There is so much information to share about Internet broadcasting, I decided to teach a comprehensive workshop. In this training, Bob Yetman and I discussed the wide array of options for starting an Internet talk show. In addition to Internet radio, we discussed live Internet video (your own Internet TV show). Of course, there is Google Live Hangouts, but another exciting option is to start your own Roku channel (Livestream, and more).

We also shared how to find Internet radio networks to carry your show, how to set up your own 24/7 stream (like I have with Jim Paris Radio), how to get big name guests for your show, equipment, free editing software, show intros, music, and much more. Of course, I will also be taking live questions.

If you are a member of our Internet Coaching program, you can access this video for free. Simply log in to the members portal and you will find it in your video archive. For non-members, we are making available this video workshop for just $15.

 Perhaps The Biggest Reason Of All To Be Excited About Internet Broadcasting

Each week I benefit from the  live listens and downloads of my latest show, but many times more than that from downloads of past shows. Each episode represents viral content that you can keep on the Internet forever. In my own case, I use Facebook and Twitter to promote not just my latest show, but also older ones as well. Each program is also turned into a video and published to YouTube, GodTube, Pinterest, and countless other platforms. This represents an ongoing promotional benefit for years into the future.

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*** If this is not for you, consider telling your pastor about it. Churches can really benefit from online broadcasting.

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