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New Major Breakthrough For Short eBooks

For those of you that have been involved with our recent workshop on how to quickly write an eBook, you will remember the backstory I shared about our little eBook, Credit Scoring Secrets. For those that missed it, this is a short eBook that is only 33 pages. The irony for us is that we never thought that this tiny eBook would turn out to be such a BIG success.  As you can see below, this book is now #10 in Budgeting, #13 in Credit Ratings and Credit Repair, and #26 in Kindle Short Reads (One Hour) Business And Money.


I was aware of Kindle Singles (a category for article length eBooks), but Kindle Short Reads is new. The 'one hour read' category starts with books that are 33 pages in length. Maybe a coincidence, but our book is 33 pages (just making it into the one hour category).  Other page length categories in Short Reads -

    • 15 minutes (1-11 pages)
    • 30 minutes (12-21 pages)
    • 45 minutes (22-32 pages)
    • One hour (33-43 pages)
    • 90 minutes (44-64 pages)
    • Two hours or more (65-100 pages)

This is so exciting, I can't contain myself! What is the big deal? First, Amazon has made a brilliant move here to categorize short books in such a way. What is the biggest complaint you here from people today about reading? No time to read, right? Well, this breaks down book lengths by the reading time. This also gives those of us that want to write shorter eBooks a fantastic venue for them to be discovered.

Short eBooks; No Longer The Ugly Stepchild

When short eBooks are simply listed alongside longer books, some Amazon shoppers might perceive them as inferior.  Shorter eBooks may look like a grocery item that ends up in the bargain bin with all of the other dented cans and opened items. A consumer might perceive a short eBook as having little value compared to the 200 page book just a glance away. This new category does several things. First, for the person looking for a quick read, they can go right to this section and pick out a book that fits perfectly within their available reading time. Secondly, it gives the short eBook a venue all its own that bigger books are precluded from. Lastly, it communicates to the Amazon shopper that this short eBook was written to be just that. It is not an inferior work, it was written with the intent to be a short book. So, still not sure why I am so excited? This new category gives short eBook writers legitimacy! Yes, short is the new big!

Get Started Today With Your Own eBooks

As you can see from the page counts above, you can even get down to a 15 minute read of 1 to 11 pages! What? You have no more excuses! You could write a short eBook like this in one sitting. By the way, this is not just for the non-fiction writer. Short works of fiction are absolutely exploding, and big name fiction writers like Stephen King are even getting in on this. 

Check out my earlier article all about shorter eBooks and my eBook coaching program. My new video is now available for just $15, giving a complete overview of the short eBook opportunity. Here is a fun clip from my radio show where I was pointing out how 4 eBooks could replace the interest earned from a $500,000 CD in the bank.

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