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How Much Money Do You Throw Away Each Year?

P16My goal is to help you become the absolute best steward you can be of God's money. I have owned and operated just about every kind of financial services company you can imagine. I am a true 'insider' and know how it all works and what you can do to get the best deal on everything from loan interest rates to credit cards to insurance. Most people are throwing away thousands of dollars each year - they just don't know it. I can show you how get to the bottom of the waste in your finances right away. 

 I live very well on less than half of what most people spend

I don't pay for cable TV (but I still get all of the channels I want), I have a free home phone, I pay half or less for my insurance coverage, when I need to borrow money I get rates so low it is ridiculous, I travel for half the cost of the guy sitting in the plane seat next to me, even after going through bankruptcy I get so many low interest rate credit card offers each week it is beyond belief, I opted out of traditional health insurance for Christian medical sharing, I get most of my prescription drugs for free, and on and on and on. Are you ready to become a money saving rock star?

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As much as I send out e mail blasts and post information on my website and blog, people do not know about my one on one Q and A service. For only $9.95 monthly you can have unlimited access to me on any personal finance question. The only limits I have are that I can't give you personalized legal or investment advice. But, even in these cases I can still give you a ton of information on how to solve your problem. For example, I can answer questions about the differences between types mutual funds, or give you the advantages/disavantages of annuities (just a couple of examples). I can run a background check on a broker you are considering using, or tip you off that advice you are being given falls outside of orthodox financial planning principles. 

On legal issues, I can research and provide to you the direct links with the information you need to address your issue. I also have a legal service that I recommend that has very low cost lawyers. I never let any question go unresolved - I will answer it or refer you to a resource that you can get the answer for free (or very inexpensively).

Most services like this charge thousands, and the truth is that you are not really working with the author or financial guru directly, but one of their 'trained assistants.' That is not the case with me. Every single question comes to my desk and I answer it. There are even occasions where Bob Yetman (equally qualified as myself in numerous financial disciplines) may also weigh in on a given question along with me.

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