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According to a study recently conducted by the Urban Institute, just over one-third of adult Americans with a credit file have a debt in collections. For purposes of this study, “debt in collections” refers to a non-mortgage debt/bill, like a credit card or utility bill, that is more than six months past due. Perhaps just as shockingly, according to this study, is that just over five percent of all Americans with a credit file has a credit report that reflects past due debt, which means they are between 30 and 180 days late on a non-mortgage payment.


This data is not surprising, nor can its significance be overstated. We know from other data announced recently by, just about one-third of all adult Americans has no savings whatsoever, and roughly two-thirds fall well short of possessing the recommended six months of living expenses that has long been such a popular guideline in the personal finance community. This information strongly implies that an enormous segment of the American population currently has very little distance between itself and the most dire of financial circumstances, which further suggests that a large number of people are relying on credit to live, to one degree or another. Beyond that, this data also clearly informs us that there are a lot of people walking around with marginalized credit profiles, to include diminished credit scores, and this circumstance is making life even tougher for those folks; even if someone with a checkered credit history is resolved to pay cash for everything he or she has, going forward, the reality is that the damage that presently “lives” on that person’s credit file can make it difficult to proceed in many facets of normal life, to include finding a better job, given that credit checks are now becoming a standard component of the prospective new hire vetting process.  

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New Video Breaks It All Down

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 Robert G. Yetman, Jr.

Managing Editor, The James L. Paris Report