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Well, They Finally Shut Down My Texas Bitcoin Scheme

It was almost two years ago and I was hot on the trail of a group of scammers promoting a bogus daily interest scheme known as Profitable Sunrise. After I had exposed the phony office of Profitable Sunrise in England, that the company was not licensed, and the mathematical impossibility of the returns, the promoters got very desperate. As I mention in my book, Exposing The Ponzi Masters, the Profitable Sunrise promoters (led by Nancy Jo Frazer) publicly announced that a private investigator was hired to dig up dirt on me. This was not enough to take the spotlight off their scam, so they started a rumor that I was running a Bitcoin scam in the state of Texas  (and that I was going by the name Trendon Shavers). This was really very funny at the time, but there is now some breaking news to share about 'my Texas scam.'

Click on the audio player below to hear the announcement of a private investigator being hired. Speaking is one of the leaders, David Steckel (Notice the giddiness as he references the 'new information' they have on me). This audio was from Good Friday 2013.

Trendon Shavers AKA Jim Paris
Trendon Shavers AKA Jim Paris

The News

It was announced this week that the Bitcoin Savings And Trust, run by Shavers, was ruled to be a Ponzi scheme by a Texas judge. I honestly don't know how sincere the Profitable Sunrise folks were in their belief that Trendon Shavers and I were one and the same. They hatched this whole story based on the fact that I was teaching an online course on Bitcoin, and one of their minions tripping across a picture of Shavers online (that supposedly looked like me). 

I don't think this guy resembles me at all. I can guarantee you that I would have come up with a more creative name than Trendon Shavers. I would also have felt obligated to 'shave' if my last name was Shaver. He appears to be one of those poor souls that does not know that he can't grow a beard. Also, with my Tom Selleck moustache, how can anyone mistake me for this guy that has barely a sprout of peach fuzz under his nose?



Judge Amos L. Mazzant

Although I don't think that I look at all like Trendon Shavers, what about the judge in this case?  Now, at least you have a nice looking moustache here. With the glasses and the hair style, maybe... But, I guess there would be nothing gained spreading a story that I was using a fake identity and working as a judge on a Bitcoin Texas scam case. 

Nancy Jo Frazer, her husband David, and their associate Albert Rosebrock, will go on trial in February of 2015. The trio faces a wide array of civil charges related to their involvement with Profitable Sunrise.

Frazer now denies that she had any part in promoting the Profitable Sunrise scheme. We found that she now has a new web page up attempting to rewrite the story (and in the process remove herself as the leading character).

'She agreed to help as a non-paid volunteer those who already owned a company website and found her contact information inside the site. She did not publicly promote or advertise the company's collateral lending program. She was a skilled graphics artist and created code protected online  training materials and videos to assist.' Source: Smart Fortune Cookie

There is just one small problem with this claim; it is not true. In Exposing The Ponzi Masters  you can listen to hours of audio of Frazer pitching the scam. I plan to be in attendance at the trial and publish an updated version of the book with the outcome. Prior blog posts on the Profitable Sunrise scam. Check out my new Profitable Sunrise playlist on YouTube (AKA Profitable Sunrise - Their Greatest Hits). Frazer, a former Miami Vice actress now a pastor, promoted the scam to the Christian community - this is how it landed on the doorstep of

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