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How A Low Credit Score Can Destroy Your Life

New Video On Credit Repair

I am contacted on a daily basis by people that are not only being treated like third class citizens, their lives have been ruined due to a low credit score. A poor credit score follows you everywhere you go and has an impact on virtually every aspect of your life. Not only will you be stuck with the highest interest rates, you may not be able to borrow at all. Those with damaged credit end up renting and have given up on any hopes of owning a home. Insurance rates in many states include a credit pull, and those with lower scores get charged more. It is common today for employers to review an individual's credit score before making an job offer.

Credit Scoring (4)Moving From Bad Credit To Good Credit Is Easier Than Most People Think

There is a 'formula' that will result in the highest score. With the right number, type, and configuration of open credit accounts, anyone can achieve a good credit score. 

The information on my new video comes from the years that Bob Yetman and I owned a mortgage brokerage business together. We had direct access to credit reports and helped hundreds of people clean up their credit and become homeowners. Many of these people had completely destroyed their credit. Bankruptcies, foreclosures, and other major credit blemishes were common. This is why our book, Credit Scoring Secrets, is consistently in the top 25 on all of Amazon on the topic of credit repair.

New Credit Repair Video

I just finished teaching a two hour workshop going through all of my strategies on credit repair. If you are already a member of ChristianMoneyPlus, you will find the video in your member dashboard for free. If you are not a member, you can purchase it for immediate download and online viewing for $15 - Click Here.

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