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Ripple Platform Now Offering Instant Transfers and The Ability To Send And Receive Digital Gold

I was very excited to read that the Ripple platform has just made a major advancement adding the ability to make instant deposits through several major U.S. banks. I have been pointing out for months that Ripple XRP is much more than a digital currency, and that the Ripple trading platform is equally as exciting. One of the issues that many of our members at ChristianMoneyPlus (our monthly newsletter and premium content portal) have been frustrated with is the process of funding a Ripple account. In my own case, I have been using the 'send money' payment feature of my Bank Of America account. This usually gives me access to my funds to trade on the Ripple platform within a couple of days. Now, there is an 'instant transfer option' that appears to make the movement of funds immediate.

You Can Now Make Instant Deposits to Ripple From These US Banks   Ripple

The Ripple Plaform Now Open For Digital Gold Trading

As it is, several digital currencies can already be traded on the Ripple platform (including Bitcoin). Users can now send and receive digital units of gold or spend it online. More details on the new gold gateway integration.

What This All Means

What you are seeing right before your eyes is the transformation of money as we know it. Leading platforms like Ripple will completely wipe out the high expenses of moving money around. The cost of wires, Western Union, and even the transaction costs of credit cards, are going to soon be left behind by the new world of digital money. Consider the fact that the average bank wire fee is now $26.40.

I know this is all very confusing to keep up with, and I don't claim to have all of the answers. This is why I continue to stay on top of the developments in this space daily. We have also adopted what I believe is a common sense approach, by suggesting that people purchase a small amount of several of these up and coming currencies. 

We recently made an offer to new subscribers offering $20 of Bitcoin and 1,000 Ripple XRP as bonuses for those signing up for a new one year subscription. This offer is officially closed, but if you drop me an e mail I can open this offer back up for a few more people. Our newsletter is a must for those of you that want to stay up to date on what is happening in the world of digital currency.

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