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When I first heard about Pinterest my reaction was, "Pin what?" Well, I had concluded that I had way more than enough on my plate keeping up with several Facebook pages and my Twitter account. I can't do everything and this Pin thing was just going to have to be added to the list of items that are for other folks not Jim Paris. I have to tell you, however, that after just a few days of reading and doing further research into Pinterest that I have changed my mind. I am now convinced that Pinterest is a huge opportunity... Read more →

According to a new survey that hit the streets today, courtesy of, we have learned that over one-third of all adult Americans have yet to save anything towards retirement, and more than one-fourth of Americans in the 50 to 64 age bracket have nothing saved. These are startling figures, in one sense, but unsurprising, in another; while retirement planning has been a priority topic in American society for many decades now, the dedication to living as well as possible (more about “living well” in just a moment), as well as a deterioration in economic opportunity for many, have conspired... Read more →

You may have recently read about Colin Ashby, a student at Texas State University who chose to live in his car during freshman year in order to afford going to college. Without going into great detail here about his story (I would encourage you to read about Ashby’s experience on, “I lived in my car freshman year: A success story”), Ashby found himself between a rock and a hard place when it came time for school - he had some money, but not enough, and with his parents going through a divorce, he was in no position to rely... Read more →

Many of you know that on occasion I write on the topic of personal self defense. This is typically done in other forums, as I usually reserve space in this blog for strictly financial topics. I had to make an exception today to share with you what may be the most disappointing and shameful conduct of a martial arts student I have ever witnessed. Radio talk show host Sean Hannity is now practicing the martial arts. If you don't know this, you have probably not listened to more than five minutes of his radio program in recent months. I have... Read more →

My wife and I enjoy eating out for breakfast at least once or twice per week. Breakfast, however, can be expensive. We discovered a way that we can create our own 2 for 1 breakfast deal at Denny’s without a coupon, and it is available 7 days a week. We do this by splitting a Build Your Own Slam. Two people can easily share this meal which provides the choice of four of the following items: Bacon Strips (2), Buttermilk Biscuit, Buttermilk Pancakes (2), Eggs (2), English Muffin, Grits, Hash Browns, Oatmeal, Sausage Links (2), Slices of Toast (2), Turkey... Read more →

Is Washington DC A Scam On American Taxpayers? (James L. Paris) On this episode Jim shares the details of his recent visit to Washington DC (as a tourist) and his perspective on how he was treated. Jim shares his view that simply driving around the DC metro area any reasonable person would agree that this monstrosity is not what the founders had in mind. He also shares the bizarre experience he had getting permission to get into the House and Senate chambers. In this hour Jim also comments on the Tony Stewart_ Kevin Ward racing incident, and the news story that Bitcoin may be a CIA project. Read more →

New York Financial Planner Goes To Prison (James L. Paris) Jennifer S. Wilkov, a New York financial planner, shares her story of being scammed by a California real estate developer and how she ended up in prison at Rikers Island. Wilkov details how the same law firm that represented Martha Stewart failed her, how she was railroaded into a bad plea deal, and what she learned from the experience. Wilkov is now a successful author and public speaker and shares how she rebuilt her life after her nightmare was over. Read more →

There may be nothing more exciting than saving money (at least for us money geeks), but saving money on gas takes the experience to a new level. So called fuel rewards programs are gaining in popularity and are now available nationwide in one form or another. One of our big grocery store chains here in Florida is Winn-Dixie. I joined their 'Fuel Perks' program a couple of years ago. The program rewards you with a nickel off per gallon for each $50 in groceries that you buy (at participating Shell gas stations) . So, if you go in and buy... Read more →

California Pastor Stuck With $200,000 In Student Loans After Death Of Daughter On this episode Jim shares the tragic story of a California pastor that now owes more than $200,000 in student loans after his daughter trafically dies. What is the real risk of being a student loan co-signer? New car to sell for less than $9,000 and get 84 miles per gallon. Disney announces new plan to track park visitors with a digital bracelet. Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch to be sold again. Portland to issue permits for AirBNB hosts. to pay employee bonuses in Bitcoin. Read more →

I am presently on a driving vacation along the east coast with my three college age children and my wife. One stop our twenty four year old daughter insisted on was Wilmington, NC. She is a huge fan of the TV show One Tree Hill. The show, which ran for nine years, was filmed almost entirely on location in Wilmington. It is a historic waterfront community that gives visitors the immediate sense of being transported back in time. This small town quality is no doubt the draw for production companies. My daugther's pilgrimage was all about finding various locations where... Read more →

The company is celebrating its 45th anniversary and is giving away one free fish filet with fries just for the asking. The offer is good on Saturday August 2, 2014 from 11 am to 3 pm. The offer is only for orders inside the store, no drive through freebies on this one. To find the Long John Silver's in your area click here. We are not 100% sure that every single location is participating, so it is a good idea to call ahead before you make a trip. James L. Paris Editor-In-Chief Follow Me on Twitter Christian Financial... Read more →