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New Scam Uses Text Message To Steal Debit Cards

Please pass this along to all of your contacts using your social media accounts as this is spreading across the country right now. Note that seniors are many times the largest group of victims of these kinds of scams.

The bank scams keep getting better and better, and this one would probably fool most people (including me). You receive a text message that appears to be from your bank. The message provides a phone number for you to call. After dialing the number, you hear an automated message informing you that for security reasons your debit card account has been limited. You are then asked to press '1' to reactivate your card and remove the security hold. Next, you are prompted to enter your full debit card number using your telephone keypad. The call ends, and the bad guys have your card number... and you know what is going to happen next.

New Scam Uses Text Message To Steal Debit Card Numbers

We are frequently warned about fake e mails that scammers are using to trick people into giving up their log in credentials (called phishing). I am hearing more and more about scams involving text messages. If you have had this happen to you, immediately contact your bank and cancel your debit card.

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