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Profitable Sunrise And Nancy Jo Frazer: New Developments

Our friend, Patrick Pretty, reported in his blog on Tuesday that Illinois had issued an order naming Nancy Jo Frazer, Roman Novak, and Profitable Sunrise. The 'Temporary Order Of Prohibition' (issued in March) contains multiple allegations, including nine counts of fraud. I spoke today with James J. Tierney, an attorney with the Illinois Securities Department. Tierney told that this is an open matter and is an ongoing investigation. He said he could not comment further due to the 'open status' of the case.  Nancy Jo Frazer fraud allegations.


Another item in the Patrick Pretty article that we thought was significant, was the revelation that David Frazer (husband of Nancy) is named as a so called 'net winner' on the receiver website for Zeek Rewards. David Frazer is listed as having received an amount greater than $1,000.  It has been a well known fact that Nancy was a participant in Zeek Rewards (a pyramid/Ponzi also shut down by the government).  Mr. Frazer testified in the initial hearing in the Ohio (Profitable Sunrise) case that he and his wife do not discuss their business dealings with each other. As a result, he was unable to answer any questions about the details of her involvement in Profitable Sunrise. I wonder how this new revelation will affect his ability to continue that line in the Ohio case. 



I have felt all along, that in the end there would be much more to the whole Profitable Sunrise matter. It appears that government agencies are still very busy at work continuing to investigate many of the key figures.  My book on the scam, Exposing The Ponzi Masters, continues to receive a great deal of interest on The Ohio civil fraud trial of Nancy Jo and David Frazer and their associate Albert Rosebrock is scheduled for February of 2015.

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