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I just Paid $2.08 Per Gallon For Gas


The article I posted a few days ago on how I bought gas for $2.23 per gallon is still getting hundreds of downloads. In that article I cover my entire strategy, but today I wanted to focus a little more on the referral bonus benefit of the Fuel Rewards Network. 

Yesterday I bought $80 in grocery items from Winn-Dixie with the goal of generating another nice big gas discount. My per gallon discount would have been only 95 cents, but this week I also earned a referral bonus of 25 cents. All I did to get this bonus was to include my referral link in my last article. This brought my cost down to $2.08 per gallon! We saved $24 on gas this morning when we purchased the 20 gallon maximum (using two family cars).

The 25 cents kicks in after someone gets their free Fuel Rewards card and then uses it the first time. They also get 25 cents off per gallon the first time they use it as well. This should be pretty easy to promote on your own social network because the card is free (remember this is not a credit card).

In the next couple of weeks I am going to look into exploiting a couple other angles of this deal. Stay tuned for more articles on this.

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