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Pinterest - 4 Reasons You Can't Afford To Ignore It

When I first heard about Pinterest my reaction was, "Pin what?" Well, I had concluded that I had way more than enough on my plate keeping up with several Facebook pages and my Twitter account. I can't do everything and this Pin thing was just going to have to be added to the list of items that are for other folks not Jim Paris. I have to tell you, however, that after just a few days of reading and doing further research into Pinterest that I have changed my mind. I am now convinced that Pinterest is a huge opportunity to build traffic to my websites and blogs and that I was really missing the boat.

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1. Pinterest Is Huge

Pinterest has 70 million users, 80% of which are women. One in five women that use the Internet also use Pinterest. The site is the 49th most visited website in the world. Sure, it is not Facebook (yet) but these numbers are more than impressive. In my own case, these demographics are perfect. I have known for a very long time that has a much greater percentage of female readers than males (sorry men). 

2. Because Pinterest Could Be The Most Viral Of All Social Networks

More than 80% of the content you will find on Pinterest are shares of other people's posts. This means that Pinterest content stands a greater chance of going viral than any other social network. Check out this chart that shows Pinterest is a monster for building website and blog traffic.

3. Pinterest Can Generate A Ton Of Traffic To Your Blog - Even If It Isn't About Pecan Pies Or Fall Fashions

Pinterest was, in fact, set up as a site to be about sharing content that is visual in nature. This is why food and fashion are among the hottest topics on the site. So, what is a blogger to do that wants to get in on all of this? This was a huge question I had and it was yet another excuse for me to stay on the sidelines. The Internet, however, just keeps reinventing itself and bloggers have found a way to make Pinterest work for them too. The challenge as a blogger using Pinterest is that you have to think more like a magazine than a newspaper. You must create a graphic representation of your articles that will attract eyeballs (and clicks). Here are three examples of 'pins' I posted just yesterday. You want good looking Pins so that people will share them on their own boards (that is the key to making Pinterest work for you). If you are not experienced at graphic design you can use a site like PicMonkey to make your Pins. There is also a great free tool for the Chrome browser called the Pin It button which automatically generates a shareable graphic for you.


4. Pinterest Can Generate Thousands Of Views For Your Videos

I was reminded by one of my assistants that I did already have a Pinterest account. My production staff has been reposting my YouTube videos over on Pinterest as an additional outlet. Yes, you don't hear much about videos on Pinterest but they are there. It has been a great additional venue for us to promote videos.

Pinterest - The Least You Should Know

1. It is free to set up a personal or business account.

2. Posts are called 'Pins' (pins are graphics/pictures that can be a wide variety of sizes).

3. 'Boards' are where Pins are posted. The easiest way to understand boards is that they represent categories or genres. For example, once I get organized I will probably have a board on the topic of saving money and then another on making money, and so on. One writer suggested that an easy way to understand boards is to consider them to be 'bulletin boards' and your Pins as sticky notes you post (just as you would in your home or office). A sample board - click here.

Just A Few 'Pins' To Give You An Idea Of How Personal Finance Bloggers Are Doing It


A couple of resources for those that want to get more information and dive in to the Pinterest opportunity. A great book I can recommend (for bloggers) is Pinterest For Bloggers.  Also, for those that are super enthusiastic about all of this, I just did a thirty minute live video training for our members. The replay of this video of that is now available in our member's archive. I will be teaching another thirty minute session on Pinterest later this month as well. These webinar sessions are very easy to follow as you are able to see what is on my computer screen as I am teaching. By the way, we have more than 500 teaching videos now available to our members in the archives. If you want to jump on board and join the Internet business coaching, drop me an e mail and for a limited time I can offer you a coupon for 50% off the regular sign up.


In my view, Pinterest has an extremely bright future and represents a huge opportunity for those that take the time to exploit it. In an article I read last week, one blogger shared that just one of his Pins generates an average of 1,000 visitors per day to his site!  One great guy to follow on Pinterest is John Kremer. John is the author of 1,001 Ways To Market Your Books (which is a classic marketing guide for authors). John was a guest many years ago on my radio show and is now a great resource for those wanting to learn more about using Pinterest for marketing. If you are using Pinterest, please use the comments section below to share your own ideas and we can start a conversation. 

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