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'Christian' Mortgage Scammers - Still On The Run After Four Years

John and Julieanne Dimitrion are listed on the FBI website as two of the most wanted white collar criminals in the world. Oddly enough, they were also very prominent members of their church in Hawaii. Some of the victims of their mortgage/real estate scam were also active members of the faith community on Oahu. According to CNBC's American Greed (episode embedded below), they were devoted members of Calvary Chapel, an Evangelical church in Pearl Harbor. John volunteered as a sound board engineer and Julieanne performed in Christian plays. John enjoyed a privileged upbringing, including going to Punahou high school, which has a very famous alumnus - President Barack Obama. 

It has been four years since they went on the run and wants to help bring the couple to justice. 


From the FBI website -

"In April 2009, the Dimitrions pled guilty to operating a fraud scheme in which they used their companies to convince distressed homeowners to relinquish their homes with the promise of improving the victims’ financial position. They promised to invest the proceeds of the home sales, but, instead, the Dimitrions used the victims’ money to fund their own lavish lifestyles. Multiple Oahu families lost their homes as a result of the Dimitrions’ crimes. 

The Dimitrions were scheduled to be sentenced in Honolulu U.S. District Court on Tuesday July 6, 2010, but they failed to appear at the sentencing. Warrants were immediately issued for their arrests, and an FBI fugitive manhunt is underway."

 More From the FBI Website -

"The Dimitrions were last seen by witnesses on the evening of Friday July 2, 2010, at church services held at the Mililani Recreation Center. The FBI suspects that they have joined a domestic extremist group affiliated with the Sovereign Citizen’s Movement who arranged for the couple to be flown to the U.S. mainland on a private jet to escape justice. They were last known to have been hiding in Alabama in 2011. Their current whereabouts are unknown." 

Julieanne Dimitrion On Facebook


Why may be uniquely positioned to assist on this case...

There are a couple of interesting similarities here to our last major investigation - Profitable Sunrise.  As part of the Dimitrions fraud, they claimed that the proceeds from their real estate equity scam would be invested in a high yield investment program.  We also find another connection - reports suggest that the couple were part of the Sovereign Citizen Movement.  Many of the promoters involved in the Profitable Sunrise scam also considered themselves to be Sovereign Citizens.

Indications are that the Dimitrions are probably somewhere in the mainland United States. is convinced that the Dimitrions are receiving assistance in their efforts to remain in hiding. American Greed also reported that on the day that they were to appear for sentencing, there was a large showing of support at the courthouse from members of their church. Are the Dimitrions being hidden by 'Christian' friends? Are they being hidden by members of the Sovereign Citizens movement? Now that four years have passed, they may  be hiding in plain sight, using new identities. They may even be involved in another church, or running yet another scam. Oddly enough, Julieanne Dimitrion still has a public Facebook page. has reviewed her 'friends list' (which is public), and it contains hundreds of active Facebook profiles. More than 30 of her friends have the last name 'Baldueza' (her maiden name), and five with the last name 'Dimitrion' (in-laws?). From the dates of the pictures it seems clear that this account has been inactive since 2008 (but it would seem like a treasure trove for investigators to find individuals that might have further information). We also found a Facebook page for a 'John Dimitrion,' but the privacy settings prevented us from seeing anything, and no profile picture is listed. 

How You Can Help Us Catch The Duo

Please forward a link to this article to all of your friends and share it on your Facebook page. I believe that it won't be long before the Dimitrions are located. has reached out to the FBI field office in Hawaii seeking an update on this case (we will supplement this article accordingly). If you have any information on the whereabouts of the Dimitrions, you can e mail me directly or contact the FBI. If you do not want to reveal your identity, use a throw away e mail account to contact me.  There is a $10,000 reward in this case. If were to become eligible to receive this reward, we would invest the funds in another investigation of a financial crime that has affected the Christian community.


To The Dimitrions...

I am sure that you will read this article, and I am very interested in your side of the story. I believe that you are smart enough to know how to contact me without revealing your present location. If you are convinced that you were railroaded or unjustly prosecuted, this is your chance to get your story out to the Christian community.  

'John Walsh - The Hunt' To Profile Dimtrion Case Sunday Night?

The Hunt With John Walsh (CNN) was planning to include a segment on the Dimitrions this Sunday night (August 31). just received an e mail from a representative of the show informing us that the Dimitrion segment has been 'bumped.' So, I guess it is up to us now to get the story out. 

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