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John and Julieanne Dimitrion are listed on the FBI website as two of the most wanted white collar criminals in the world. Oddly enough, they were also very prominent members of their church in Hawaii. Some of the victims of their mortgage/real estate scam were also active members of the faith community on Oahu. According to CNBC's American Greed (episode embedded below), they were devoted members of Calvary Chapel, an Evangelical church in Pearl Harbor. John volunteered as a sound board engineer and Julieanne performed in Christian plays. John enjoyed a privileged upbringing, including going to Punahou high school, which... Read more →

Labor Day is the “last hurrah” weekend of the summer, and plenty of people will be taking advantage of the three-day weekend to enjoy one final chunk of vacation time before school resumes in earnest. However, for those not planning to do anything special over Labor Day weekend…or for those seeking a brief respite from visiting in-laws…there’s always the opportunity to do some serious shopping and take advantage of tremendous bargains. Labor Day weekend is usually a source of tremendous deals, as retailers see it as the perfect time to liquidate merchandise they’ve been carrying throughout the year in order... Read more →

Our friend, Patrick Pretty, reported in his blog on Tuesday that Illinois had issued an order naming Nancy Jo Frazer, Roman Novak, and Profitable Sunrise. The 'Temporary Order Of Prohibition' (issued in March) contains multiple allegations, including nine counts of fraud. I spoke today with James J. Tierney, an attorney with the Illinois Securities Department. Tierney told that this is an open matter and is an ongoing investigation. He said he could not comment further due to the 'open status' of the case. Nancy Jo Frazer fraud allegations. Another item in the Patrick Pretty article that we thought was... Read more →

A neighbor informed me recently that while she was up at the corner gas station she saw two men with a laptop computer acting suspiciously. She said they were 'doing something' with their computer and seemed to be closely watching her and other customers (especially as they took out their credit cards to use the pay at the pump option). She believes that they may have been remotely stealing credit card numbers. Listen To Jim Paris Discuss This Topic My 71 year old mother mentioned the other day that a friend suggested that she go out and buy a special... Read more →

When we speak about dropping cable television and replacing it with “new media” options that have evolved to provide an excellent, alternative space through which to view programming, the discussion is invariably tied to the matter of saving money. However, many report that dropping cable has actually made them better TV viewers…precisely because watching television ceases to remain as lazy an effort as it has been, once they have changed course and dumped cable. Financially, the decision to drop cable with a minimum of effort should be a no-brainer; it is not unusual for premium cable television…meaning, cable with all... Read more →

London Rapper Suspected Of Beheading U.S. Reporter In this episode - retirees Social Security checks being garnished to pay student loans, colleges going insane building $50 million dollar gym complexes, How far $100 goes by state, UK rapper suspected in death of U.S. reporter James Foley, California drought grows worse, new scam uses text message to steal debit cards, and how Jim bought gas for $2.08 per gallon. Read more →

I was very excited to read that the Ripple platform has just made a major advancement adding the ability to make instant deposits through several major U.S. banks. I have been pointing out for months that Ripple XRP is much more than a digital currency, and that the Ripple trading platform is equally as exciting. One of the issues that many of our members at ChristianMoneyPlus (our monthly newsletter and premium content portal) have been frustrated with is the process of funding a Ripple account. In my own case, I have been using the 'send money' payment feature of my... Read more →

The article I posted a few days ago on how I bought gas for $2.23 per gallon is still getting hundreds of downloads. In that article I cover my entire strategy, but today I wanted to focus a little more on the referral bonus benefit of the Fuel Rewards Network. Yesterday I bought $80 in grocery items from Winn-Dixie with the goal of generating another nice big gas discount. My per gallon discount would have been only 95 cents, but this week I also earned a referral bonus of 25 cents. All I did to get this bonus was to... Read more →

If you’re like me, you can’t resist clicking on those stories entitled, “How This Couple Eliminated $100,000 in Debt in Just Four Years,” or, “How One Young Man Paid Off $50,000 in Student Loans in Two Years.” Even if you’re not haunted by substantial debt yourself, there seems to be something magical implied in such headlines, and so we all want to take a peek behind the curtain to see just how the trick is performed. The thing is, when we do take a look, we are invariably disappointed, in one sense…because we find that there is nothing magical at... Read more →

I agree that Christians should pay the debts that they owe, if they can. Can we all accept the reality that collection agencies and old debt are not quite so clear cut? I just love the Christian financial seminars that quote the appropriate Scriptures (the wicked borrow and do not pay back) and tell you to cower in fear and pay exactly what a debt collector tells you to (if you are a real Christian after all...). No, that is not the advice of Jim Paris. I believe that the debt collection industry is one of the most evil of... Read more →

Please pass this along to all of your contacts using your social media accounts as this is spreading across the country right now. Note that seniors are many times the largest group of victims of these kinds of scams. The bank scams keep getting better and better, and this one would probably fool most people (including me). You receive a text message that appears to be from your bank. The message provides a phone number for you to call. After dialing the number, you hear an automated message informing you that for security reasons your debit card account has been... Read more →

Nanci Hellmich of USA Today did an interview recently with Cash Nickerson, who has written a book on the subject of getting/staying employed in one’s Golden Years, entitled BOOMERangs: Engaging the Aging Workforce in America (Charles Pinot). I’ve not yet read the book, only the referenced interview, and in that interview, author Nickerson dispenses a lot of sound advice about how to handle interviews, the assembly of resumes, and some interesting portals through which to travel to become re-employed as an older American. On this overall topic, I would add a few other suggestions to those mentioned in the article... Read more →

Many of you know that I love Credit Karma and have written about their service in this blog in the past. Not only does the site provide your credit score for free, they also provide free credit monitoring. Most people don't fully grasp what I mean by free when referencing this service. NO, this is not a free trial that begins charging you after 30 days. It is actually free on an ongoing basis. My wife and I have both signed up for Credit Karma and it works just as advertised. In fact, I got a notification just the other... Read more →