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If you are a regular reader, you know that I have been authoring books for more than twenty years. There is a huge new opportunity at Amazon for eBook authors, not related to people buying their books, but borrowing them. Amazon's new program called KindleUnlimited puts their current lending library arrangement on steroids (some are calling it the Netflix of eBooks). Under the current Amazon Prime program, members can only borrow via a Kindle device (and just one book at a time). KindleUnlimited allows borrowing to take place on virtual any device with the Kindle app (tablets, smartphones, laptops, and... Read more →

Crimes On Cruise Ships Kendall Carver, founder of the International Cruise Victim's Organization Mr. Carver shares the story of his own daughters disappearance on a cruise ship ten years ago. His daughter was never seen again and he formed the cruise victims organization to help others that have also been victims of crimes on cruise ships. Most people are not aware of the high percentage of crimes that occur while on cruises and what little recourse is available to them. Mr. Carver even shares the account of a child being groped on a Disney cruise by a cruise ship employee. Also discussed... Read more →

Court Rules That Washington DC Gun Ban Is Unconstitutional On this episode Jim discusses the federal court ruling that makes carrying a gun in the nation's capital now legal. Why did Amazon stock plummet and Facbook stock skyrocket this week? One man selling goldmine for Bitcoin. UFO reported by numerous witnesses this weekend in Toronto. NASA says that the earth had a near miss with a solar flare in 2012, one that could have wiped out all electronics and returned us to the stone age. The typical household has lost one third of its net worth since 2003 and LYFT is cleared to begin peer to peer ride... Read more →

One theme that I have harped on for years is the notion that there are job openings if you just look for them. Of course, anecdotes are interesting but not always helpful. I have heard (and have shared) stories of so called boom towns that have zero percent unemployment. I have read stories of people picking up everything and simply moving to one of these towns. This week I ran across an online tool that takes the whole idea of a nationwide job search to a new level. Not only will you be able to find boom towns, but regions... Read more →

Man Raises $6.5 Million On Kickstarter For Cooler On this episode Jim shares the amazing story of the 'Cool Cooler' and how one man raised $6.5 million for his idea using Kickstarter. The backstory on how the conservative media foiled the plans for a resort and spa being bought to house illegal immigrant children. 40 shootings in the city of Chicago this weekend and how the city looks like the next Detroit. Bitcoin investor Tim Draper backing proposal to split California up into six different states. Facebook to begin offering one click buying and why many think this represents a serious challenge to Amazon. Jetson electric bike... Read more →

When Technology Fails: Author Matt Stein (Surviving A Power Outage)

Author Matthew Stein joins Jim Paris Live to discuss his book, When Technology Fails. Stein shares the real life consequences of an extended power outage, including the loss of cell phones, Internet service, gas stations not able to turn pumps on, grocery supply chain drying up, and the possible meltdown of nuclear power plants. Read more →

IRS Settlements And Payment Options - IRS Problem Solver Dan Pilla Dan Pilla joins Jim Paris live to discuss how to resolve IRS problems. Dan shares detailed strategies on how to make a settlement with the IRS, qualify for a payment plan on old taxes, offers in compromise, innocent spouse relief, discharging taxes in bankruptcy, what to do if you have not filed a tax return in years, and more. Dan's website Read more →

This is the kind of story that I spend a week searching for and then - 'paydirt.' This may not be one of my longer blog posts, but it may be one the best this summer. I love Amazon and do pretty much all of my online buying through them. The stuff I buy seems reasonably priced, it gets delivered quickly, and there is no drama. As a member of Amazon Prime, I even get free shipping. There is a downside to this robotic approach to always using Amazon as my default shopping site. What if Amazon does not have... Read more →

One theme of much of my teaching on Internet business over the years is the opportunity to cash in on the sale of intellectual property (IP). Well, the term IP can apply to a wide swath of intangible assets, such as eBooks, websites, blog content, and music. Today, however, we are going to explore how to make money with photos. A huge opportunity today is that of photo licensing. With an iPhone or other smartphone you are carrying around an amazing tool of high technology, but also one that can make money for you. I am always on the lookout... Read more →

Jim Paris Live: Student Loan Forgiveness And Why Most People Don't Know About It How to get student loan forgiveness by working for a non-profit for ten years. Income based repayment options and other strategies for lowering your student loan payment or even getting your student loan payment dropped to zero. How to rehabilitate a defaulted student loan, refinancing and debt consolidation options, and more. Jim's guest is Jan Miller an expert in student loan management options. Jan's website is Read more →

Trial Of Former Miami Vice Actress Delayed In Ohio Fraud Case has learned today from Williams County, OH court records that the trial of Nancy Jo Frazer, David Frazer, and Albert Rosebrock, has been rescheduled to February 2015. The case has been the subject of ongoing coverage on this blog since early 2013. The Profitable Sunrise scheme is also the focus of my book, Exposing The Ponzi Masters. Helping you make the most of God’s money! James L. Paris Editor-In-Chief Follow Me on Twitter Christian Financial Advice Jim Paris 24 Hour Radio Read more →

I was fascinated last week to learn about a service that will negotiate better deals for you on everything from cable TV to your health club membership dues. BillCutterz will make the phone calls and work out better deals for you and they only get paid if they save you money. The company's website provides a list of the kinds of bills that that they will negotiate for you, which includes 1. Cell phone service 2. Electricity & gas 3. Alarm & security 4. Internet 5. Landline telephone 6. Trash service 7. Cable & satellite TV 8. Gym memberships. How... Read more →