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A lot has changed in recent years in the world of coupons, especially with their availability online. Today I want to share with you five often overlooked and forgotten places to find great coupons. 1. Receipt Coupons I have to admit that I am not good at remembering this one, although I am getting better. Your store receipt may contain some of the best coupons you will find. Many grocery stores include a nice coupon or two printed right on your receipt (and they are usually targeted to similar items as what you just bought). This can be easy to... Read more →

Julian Assange Endorses Bitcoin

On this episode of Jim Paris Live - Jim reveiws the Chromebook computer, discusses little known AAA discounts, and discusses everyday examples showing how badly the economy is doing. The price of beef is up 76% since 2009. There appears to be runaway inflation, yet the government only gave Social Security recipients a 1.5% cost of living adjustment last year. Even after spinning off Red Lobster, Darden Restaurants continuing to struggle as Olive Garden sales slide. Julian Assange of Wikileaks makes strong statement in support of Bitcoin. Where to find amazing travel deals, such as six days in Ireland with... Read more →

Will Bitcoin Go Over $2 Million Dollars? (James L. Paris)

Jim Paris Live can be heard on Sunday nights from 9 to 11 pm Eastern on the Genesis Communications Network On this episode of Jim Paris Live Jim discusses why many believe that Bitcoin may go above $2 million dollars and the impact of the expected inflow of money from investors as funds such as the Winkelvoss Bitcoin Trust are launched later this year. Full transcript here Read more →

The Student Loan Scam

Jim Paris Live can be heard on Sunday nights from 9 to 11 pm Eastern on the Genesis Communications Network Jim Paris Live welcomes Alan Collinge, Founder of Student Loan Justice to discuss his book, The Student Loan Scam. Alan's website Full transcript here Read more →

5 Questions About The New Plan To Lower Student Loan Payments

My guest on my radio show this past week was Alan Collinge, founder of Student Loan Justice. It was perfect timing to have Alan on my show as I wanted to get an expert's reaction the President's latest executive order. Alan's book is a must read for anyone with student loans (or contemplating applying for them). In a nutshell, President Obama extended the Income Based Repayment program (or as the Obama Administration calls it, Pay As You Earn) to loans that were taken prior to 2007. Consider these shocking statistics (source: CNN) - - There is presently $1.2 trillion in... Read more →

The Paris family has fallen into the habit over the years of keeping entirely too many financial records. My wife, who will readily admit this, simply keeps everything. We have boxes of financial receipts in our garage that go back more than twenty years. Well, that is going to all end this week. I ordered a nice sized shredder and we are going to dispose of dozens of boxes of old receipts, tax records, canceled insurance policies, and more. This week's article is the result of my own research trying to find an answer to the question, "What financial records... Read more →

Despite the rising price of everything else, great travel bargains are still plentiful. So called flash deals provide limited time sales on everything from hotel rooms to airfare, but especially vacation packages. Vacation packages that include hotel and air (and sometimes even a rental car) are all the rage, and are favorites of customers of sites like Groupon and Living Social. Although known for their local deals, Groupon and Living Social have created a substantial niche within the vacation package marketplace. If price is a major consideration (and when is it not), it is imperative that you remain somewhat flexible... Read more →