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5 Overlooked Places To Find Coupons

A lot has changed in recent years in the world of coupons, especially with their availability online. Today I want to share with you five often overlooked and forgotten places to find great coupons.

Surveyrcpt1. Receipt Coupons

I have to admit that I am not good at remembering this one, although I am getting better. Your store receipt may contain some of the best coupons you will find. Many grocery stores include a nice coupon or two printed right on your receipt (and they are usually targeted to similar items as what you just bought). This can be easy to miss if you are not looking for it.

2. Receipt Surveys

At some retailers, the receipt coupon is connected to the obligation of completing an online survey. Who has time to do a survey? This is usually my reaction to it, but I have started to see the light. Most online surveys are very easy to complete and the rewards can be generous. I know that Subway offers customers a free cookie just for completing their survey. Some stores like Old Navy offer 10% off your next purchase. In fact, some people take this receipt survey deal to a whole new level. Many people will go into a retailer such as Old Navy, and make a small purchase just to get the receipt. Next, they quickly do the online survey on a smartphone. They then make their large purchase with the 10% off coupon code (generated upon the completion of the survey on their smartphone).

Another opportunity on your store receipt is to have a chance to win some great prizes. Fill out the survey and you could win a $500 gift card or some other great prize. I am hearing more and more about people actually winning these giveaways. The numbers are on your side as only a tiny percentage of people will actually take the time to do a survey.

The lady in this video shares her routine of making a small purchase at CVS to get coupon receipts (and then she goes on to do the balance of her shopping).


3. Event Tickets

OK, this one I am terrible at. I can't tell you how many times I don't even look at the back of a concert or sporting event ticket. This is a prime advertising location and you will be surprised at some of the great deals offered.

4. Right On The Box  

OK, this one is right under your nose but you may not see it unless you are looking for it. Many grocery items have a coupon or instant rebate right on the box that you can peel off to take an immediate discount at the checkout. In other cases, the coupon may be in a separate dispenser near the item's shelf location. 

5. On Your Smart Phone

I know there are quite a lot of places offering their own apps that allow you to pay and earn coupons as well. I have the Dunkin' Donuts app and I wish I had taken the time to install it sooner than I did. I am not a big donut eater, but I love their coffee. As a member of their free club, I am constantly getting coupons on my smartphone for free coffee and other beverages. It is also a time saver, allowing me to pay for my purchases with my phone as well.

One last bonus place to find coupons that many people miss - the entrance of your grocery store. If you did not get the Sunday newspaper coupons, simply go to the service counter and ask for the weekly coupon circular. Most grocery stores keep these on hand and either display them near the entrance or hand them out at their service counter. Serious bargain hunters will go in and get the coupon circular and then find a nearby location to sit down and carefully review it before doing their shopping (a great thing to do while enjoying a cup of coffee). 

I am very interested in hearing your own stories of finding coupons in unexpected places or prizes you have won completing coupon surveys. Please use the comments section below and we can start a conversation.

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