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If you are like me, you love saving money. Daily deals are more than a phenomenon, they have become a staple of the Internet. In fact, there are so many new bargains each day that it has become necessary to develop the technology to track them: deal aggregators. Think of these sites as sort of stock tickers of bargains that are updated 24 hours a day. Sites like represent a deal lovers' paradise. Note that in this article I am only featuring sites that are nationwide and cast a wider net than just deals in a particular city (these... Read more →

Did you know that there is no mechanism within the credit reporting industry to link a credit report to a person's age? That was just one of the major lessons I learned while researching this article. What this means is that a Social Security number of a child can be just as valuable as that of an adult to an identity thief. I was also shocked to learn that one in ten children in the United States are victims of identity theft. Many States Are Now Enacting Laws To Deal With Child ID Theft There are a wide array of... Read more →

The Paris family has not purchased new furniture in years. We desperately needed a new living room set, and had saved up about $3,000. I assumed that this was going to be a local purchase and we would end up visiting the area furniture and department stores to make our selection. Being an Internet guy, I stopped for a moment and wondered if there was any way this could be done online. My first thought was that it would be unlikely due to shipping costs. After all, what would it cost to ship a a couch or a love seat?... Read more →

Is the Internet about to change the way we buy groceries? I am still amazed that I can sit down at a computer keyboard and with a few key strokes have a pizza show up at my door 30 minutes later. Most people thought it was a crazy notion that the masses would end up ditching their local bookstore to buy books online. Despite his prior accomplishments, Jeff Bezos may be on the verge of pulling off one his most amazing tricks yet - making your local grocery store disappear. OK, that is a good line for an article but... Read more →