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New Device Allows You To Leave Your Credit Cards At Home

If you hate your bulging wallet and the headache of digging through your credit cards, debit cards, and loyalty cards when making a purchase, a new device called Coin promises to be a game changer. It will fit nicely in your wallet (the same size as a single credit card) and replace just about every type of card you are carrying. Coin is also fully functional at ATM's as well.  The device, which will sell for $100, is currently available for $50 through a pre-order promotion. Those that pre-order will receive their Coin by this summer.


With the use of an app and a card reader (provided) users are able to store an unlimited number of cards on the app and keep up to eight cards on the device at a time. Each Coin will have the user's name and signature on it for identification and require a password for each use.  After being paired with your smartphone, an alarm will sound if your Coin gets separated from your phone (an excellent way to prevent leaving it behind at the cash register or at the table after eating out).  Coin will also deactivate itself if apart from your phone for more than the time limit you select.  



We Think Coin Is A Winning Idea 

I am convinced that Coin is going to be a big hit. This is one convenience that I think most people will be immediately interested in. It may take a year or two, however,  before the general public accepts the idea of it. With all of the recent credit card hacking stories, consumers are likely to look at Coin with more than a bit of cynicism. They seem to have covered all of their bases on security.The only other wild card is how merchants will react to the device. It may take a few months for your local cashier or restaurant server to happily accept Coin in lieu of a credit card. Today, even something as harmless as using a Visa gift card can be a headache to use in certain establishments.  I think it will be a bit of an adventure to be one of the first people to use Coin.  I can't wait to see the reaction at my local grocery store where most of the checkers are senior citizens.  


How To Get Your Coin For Free

After you purchase your Coin device, you will be given a special referral link. Each purchase of a Coin from your link within 90 days earns you $5 (up to a total of $50). Refer ten people and your Coin is free.  I placed my own order today for a Coin and am using my referral link in this article. The only negative feature of the device is its limited lifespan of two years. The device would have to be replaced at this point as the battery can not be recharged or changed. I understand that a discount may be offered for those replacing their Coin. Of course, the other unknown variable on the battery life is how many times you use it as well. I would expect battery life to be a major consideration in the overall success of Coin. 

I am very interested in your feedback on this.  Would you consider using Coin in place of your credit cards?  How do you think the public will accept this new device?  Please use the comments section below and we can start a conversation.

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