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Lower Your Taxes Big Time

Author of Lower Your Taxes Big Time, Sandy Botkin, joins Jim Paris Live. On this episode - how starting a small home based business can substantially reduce your taxes, tax consequences of buying and selling Bitcoin, how to reduce your taxes to as low as possible - maybe even zero. Read more →

Obamacare Enrollment Window Closing - Christians Can Avoid Fine Through Exemption

March 31st marks the end of the first Obamacare enrollment period. Enrollment will open up again in November for coverage that will begin in 2015. The idea behind having these enrollment windows is to provide some measure of protection against people waiting to join until after they are sick. Although it is true that you can jump in on the next enrollment window with your pre-existing medical situation, you will be on the hook for your medical bills until your coverage goes into force. The other significant issue that comes into play as a result of the enrollment window closing... Read more →

How The Rewards Game Works Credit card issuers offer rewards to entice you to apply for their card. Your challenge is to use the card and pay off your balance in full at the end of each month, avoiding any interest charges. If you can't bring yourself to do this, don't get enter the game (you will get clobbered). It is obvious that those cards offering the highest rewards are usually those with the worst interest rates. The rewards programs are funded partly by the money that the card company earns from the merchant transaction fees, but it also comes... Read more →

If you hate your bulging wallet and the headache of digging through your credit cards, debit cards, and loyalty cards when making a purchase, a new device called Coin promises to be a game changer. It will fit nicely in your wallet (the same size as a single credit card) and replace just about every type of card you are carrying. Coin is also fully functional at ATM's as well. The device, which will sell for $100, is currently available for $50 through a pre-order promotion. Those that pre-order will receive their Coin by this summer. With the use of... Read more →

101 Weird Ways To Make Money (James L. Paris) Author Steve Gillman joins Jim Paris Live to discuss his book, 101 Weird Ways To Make Money. Steve shares some of the most unusual money making opportunities you can imagine, including making money as a bounty hunter, cricket farmer, judgment broker, freelance article writer, and much more. Read more →