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Save 50% to 75% With Amazon Local Deals offers so much it is almost impossible to keep up with.  Of course, we all know about sites like Groupon and Living Social, but who knew that Amazon has a local discount service of its own, and it has been operating for more than two years.

Amazon Local - What Is It?

Very much like Groupon and Living Social, you select your location and browse through hundreds of discount possibitities.  Deal categories include: Adventure & Activities, Arts & Entertainment, Automotive, Beauty, Education & Classes, Food, Health & Medical Services, Home, Pet, Professional & Retail Services, Restaurants, Retail Products, and Toys, Kids & Baby.


One element of daily deals sites that seems to be expanding (and that is especially the case with Amazon Local) are so called national deals.  A national deal might be an online course, it could be a physical product (a special deal on an iPhone charger), or even having your wedding video transferred to a disc.  In fact, Amazon national deals are without question much more interesting and diverse compared to national deals offered by Groupon and Living Social.


Even though I don't live near an L.A. or New York sized city, I located tons of great offers for Jacksonville and Orlando. I also checked out Amazon Local for my former hometown of Chicago and was blown away with what was available. There are so many deals in the Chicago area that they are sub-categorized by sections of the city and suburbs.

One thing that I especially like about Amazon Local is the option to view the deals without being forced to sign up for the email alerts (a standing requirement for almost all daily deals sites today).  

Travel Deals

You will find a very broad selection of vacation packages. Vacation deals cover local options and out of choices area as well. Another interesting vacation angle is to use Amazon Local to purchase deals to use at a future vacation destination.  You can pay in advance for many of your activities, which will keep you on your budget and also save you 50% or more off regular prices. For example, for those visiting Central Florida there is currently a buy one get one free offer posted for the LEGOLAND theme park.


Get Paid For Sharing Deals

Earn money by sharing deals through the Amazon Local Associates affiliate program.  It is free to join, and pays 6% on local referrals. After joining the program you can access ads to put on a website of your own, or just links that you can use to share deals with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or by e mail.   Use the money that you make sharing deals to pay for your own. By the way, this would be a great idea for a blog (consider joining my blogging network)

Yes, There Is An App For That

Amazon Local has an app for iPhone, Android, and Kindle devices.  Search for deals or opt to receive alerts on discounts in real time.

Daily Deals Offers Are Just Getting Better And Better

In the early days of daily deals many were more than a little cumbersome. Most came with onerous restrictions, and most required you to purchase well in advance for use at a future date. Today, Deals seem much more straightforward and easier to use. In quite a lot of cases you can immediately use the deal you purchased. For example, last Friday I purchased a Living Social Deal and my wife and I went to the Jacksonville Symphony that evening for just $42 for a pair of tickets (same day).

Deal aggregator sites are also getting very popular. The sites draw in deals from all of the major sites and make them available for review in just one location. This is not a perfect system, however. These sites will concede that you are not going to see every single deal from the sites they draw content from, so it is still worthwhile (if you have the time) to visit the sites individually.  For the super busy, check out the following deal aggregators -

Deal Gator




If you have used Amazon Local or any of the other daily deals sites and would like to share your own experience or advice, please use the comments section below and we can start a conversation.

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