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March 2014 offers so much it is almost impossible to keep up with. Of course, we all know about sites like Groupon and Living Social, but who knew that Amazon has a local discount service of its own, and it has been operating for more than two years. Amazon Local - What Is It? Very much like Groupon and Living Social, you select your location and browse through hundreds of discount possibitities. Deal categories include: Adventure & Activities, Arts & Entertainment, Automotive, Beauty, Education & Classes, Food, Health & Medical Services, Home, Pet, Professional & Retail Services, Restaurants, Retail Products, and... Read more →

Last week I heard about an interesting app that pays you for simply looking at ads on your smartphone home screen. The app is called Slidejoy and is currently available for Android (iPhone expected in the fall). The app simply replaces your screen lock image with ads. When unlocking your home screen you have the option to swipe to the right to access your phone, or to the left to be taken to more information about the product advertised. This is very much like the ads that appear on the lower priced version of the Amazon Kindle (Kindle With Special... Read more →

Here we go again, another new reason to begin planning the funeral of Bitcoin. I am not sure why Bitcoin has so many antagonists, but they just thrive on bad news about the digital currency. Each time there is a negative news item, or a drop in the price of Bitcoin, they just can't wait to begin their 'I told you so commentaries.' Within mere minutes they begin to bask in the glow of their Bitcoin is dead pronouncement and then the digital currency makes yet another comeback. So, here we go again... and it is very fun to watch.... Read more →

I have been holding out hope that it would happen sooner than this, but the day has finally arrived. The nation's major wireless companies have begun what appears to be a very aggressive price war. This means nothing but great news for consumers. Sunday morning I was browsing the news while eating breakfast and tripped across a story about a new AT&T program that would dramatically bring down the cost of their family plan (all in reaction to a new family plan deal offered by rival T-Mobile). The new $175 package offers unlimited talk, text, and 10 GB of shared... Read more →