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New Digital Currency Backed By Gold

GI_88979_XNF_coin.png  250×247 Someone has taken the concept of digital currency to a new level by backing it with gold and silver. Virtually all cryptocurrencies derive their value from an underlying mathematical algorithm. NoFiatCoin, which recently launched and is currently valued at $8.50 per unit, offers the added value of being partially backed by physical gold and silver. What also caught my attention is that that NoFiatCoin will trade exclusively on the Ripple platform.  As many of our readers already know, I am convinced that Ripple XRP is positioned to be a very strong player in the digital currency space. The Ripple trading platform itself, which I don't claim to fully understand, seems to get little attention by those covering its XRP currency. For example, I wrote an article for our subscriber site about how one of our students was able to easily convert Ripple XRP into Bitcoin on the Ripple platform.  The strength and dynamic features of the platform are just one more reason to be excited about its XRP currency. 


For those that missed the promotion, we have opened it back up again. New subscribers to ChristianMoneyPlus will receive a bonus of 150 Ripple XRP with an annual subscription, or 75 Ripple XRP for a monthly enrollment.  We have made two additional purchases in the last couple of weeks and are prepared to immediately pay out the bonus XRP to new subscribers.  Cryptocurrency now represents a worldwide market cap of $13 billion.  Of course, the most popular name in the niche is Bitcoin, but as this article highlights there are plenty of other lesser known names worth watching closely.

ChristianMoneyPlus covers a wide variety of topics related to personal finance, and offers a bunch of great features, including a 12-page monthly newsletter (includes access to the digital archives of all past newsletters, too), members-only podcasts, special reports on topics ranging from how to opt out of Obamacare to saving money on cable, as well as unlimited email access to me and my team to ask any personal finance-related questions, including any how-to or informational questions you may have about the new world of digital currency (legal, tax, and/or investment advice are not offered through the ChristianMoneyPlus service).

Not only will you get your bonus Ripple XRP, we will provide you with step by step instructions and assistance on how to set up your free Ripple wallet, and gain access to the Ripple trading platform. Once you are all set up with a wallet, you may decide to buy NoFiatCoin, Bitcoin, or make other moves based on your own personal interest.  Of course, subscribers will have also access to my ongoing reports and updates on the exciting world of cryptocurrency.

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