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The word timeshare can clear a room faster than yelling fire. Timeshare has justifiably earned a bad reputation over the last few years. High pressure sales pitches that lead to spur of the moment decisions, followed by 15 years of monthly payments and annual maintenance fees, create a nightmare scenario for any family. What if, however, instead of costing $20,000 to $30,000, a timeshare sold for just a fraction of that? Would a substantially lower price change the equation? How Timeshare Can Be A Good Deal A married couple I know from my college days are now in full time... Read more →

Someone has taken the concept of digital currency to a new level by backing it with gold and silver. Virtually all cryptocurrencies derive their value from an underlying mathematical algorithm. NoFiatCoin, which recently launched and is currently valued at $8.50 per unit, offers the added value of being partially backed by physical gold and silver. What also caught my attention is that that NoFiatCoin will trade exclusively on the Ripple platform. As many of our readers already know, I am convinced that Ripple XRP is positioned to be a very strong player in the digital currency space. The Ripple trading... Read more →

I will admit to being a technology geek, but I have a good excuse; I make my living working on the Internet. I have always been fascinated with mobile computing and the whole laptop/netbook market niche. Working from a home office can become monotonous, and getting away from my desk can really be refreshing. I need to check on my online businesses about every one to two hours during the business day. Mobile computing provides me a way to do that while escaping the home office. My Mobile Computing Journey I have toyed with a number of devices over the... Read more →

I have to admit that like many people I have gotten into a zombified pattern over the past several years with my cell phone bill. It seems to have somehow ballooned to the point of being just over $300 monthly for my wife and three college-aged children. Yes, we have the fancy phones with all the bells and whistles, and that may be changing in the not too distant future (shhh, don't tell my kids yet). I have been doing some research and uncovered some truly remarkable deals for the casual cell phone user. These are deals that are so... Read more →

How To Refinance and Rehabilitate Your Student Loan

Student loan expert Jan Miller joins Jim Paris Live to discuss the dangers of student loan debt and strategies on how to pay back your loans quickly. Included in this episode is a discussion on how to pay back, refinance, and even rehabilitate defaulted student loans. Read more →

My love affair with trains started as a young boy when I would regularly stay overnight at my grandparents home in Willow Springs (a suburb of Chicago). There was a train track about 150 yards from their home. Many people might consider this a nuisance, but I don't remember anyone complaining. In fact, I was always thrilled to hear a train pass by. Day or night, I just loved that sound. To this day, I immediately recall those wonderful memories of my time with my grandparents every time I hear the sound of a train. I have always wanted to... Read more →