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With just three weeks before Christmas I thought it might be helpful to offer up a list of five great gadget gift items for under $100.  I love gadgets, but I also love saving money.  I think you will see this general theme in my list below.  For that hard to buy for person, or maybe even for yourself, these are five great items that are sure to please and won't put a dent in your pocketbook. 


1.  Google Chromecast

ChromecastIt is only $35 and represents the best overall value of my picks.  Chromecast is about the size of a thumb drive and can be plugged into any HDTV.  The device then allows you to stream content from your computer, tablet, or even a smartphone directly to your television. Everything from YouTube, to movies, to social media, can be streamed to your television.  A very fun and low cost holiday gift idea.

2.  ROKU

RokupicAt just $49, Roku is another device to connect to your television.  It is different than Chromecast, however, since your TV becomes directly connected to the Internet.   Roku will provide you with access to more than 600 channels.  Many of you know that I personally have dropped cable TV and replaced it with Roku.  For those that simply want to stream content from their computer, Chromecast is the easier of the two options.  For those looking for a robust cable TV alternative, this is an excellent option.  For my prior articles on Roku, click here.

3.  OOMA

OomaFor $99 - $125 this is a great bargain and will save you money throughout the entire year. OOMA is a box that connects to your existing Internet service. OOMA replaces your high cost landline with a full featured Internet phone service.  You pay one time for the system and you never have a monthly phone bill again.  I have been using this for nearly four years now and I have no complaints.  It is even fully compatible with 911 location services.  For my prior articles with more details on OOMA, click here.  I do pay about $3 monthly for taxes on my free phone, but that is it.


4.  Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker

FitbitpicFor $99 the Fitbit seems like a great gift for someone trying to get in shape.  I don't have this device, but it is on my list of items I would love to have (if Santa is reading this).  It monitors your activity 24 hours a day, including while you sleep!  The device then keeps stats on how many calories you have burned, how well you slept, and it will even wake you up at the most optimal time in your sleep cycle.  Access all your stats anytime on your smartphone or computer.  For those that want to take their efforts of getting into shape into the 21st century, you will love this.


5. Kindle eReader

KindlepicIt is widely believed that this Christmas season will represent the 'tipping point' for eReaders and tablets.  It will no longer be a question of who has one, but who doesn't.  With a price tag of only $69 (basic model), there are really no good excuses left for not buying a Kindle.  This is not only a great convenience, but you will save a tremendous amount of money. Most publishers discount the Kindle version of their books by as much as 50%. This kind of savings would really pay for the device very quickly.



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