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Is Ripple The Next Bitcoin?

One of the most popular topics on the blog this year has been Bitcoin.  Many of you already know my own story of putting $20 in Bitcoin in October of 2012 and watching it grow to be worth $1,400.  Now that the whole idea of virtual currency has really caught on, I wanted to investigate what other opportunities might be available.  I have been hearing a lot of buzz about a new virtual currency called Ripple.  In fact, many believe that Ripple is the next Bitcoin.  To read my past articles on Bitcoin, click here.  Check out the 48 minute video below that I recorded last week.


Ripple brings to the market not just the characteristics of a virtual currency, but also has many of the features of a payment service like PayPal (but without the fees).  The currency of Ripple is known as XRP (pronounced one letter at a time). What got our attention at was a couple of things.  First, the company has received venture capital funding from Google and silicon valley genius Marc Andreesen.  Secondly, the currency is trading below 10 cents. This is where Bitcoin was just four years ago.  This provides the opportunity to get in early, and if this does turn out to be the next Bitcoin a very small amount of money today can result in a windfall in the coming years.


Similarties Between Bitcoin and Ripple (source: -

  • Ripple is an open source, distributed peer-to-peer payment network
  • Ripple transactions are irreversible, sent over the Internet, and counterfeit proof
  • Ripple uses the same underlying cryptography as Bitcoin
  • Ripple has multi-signature support
  • Ripple has low to no transaction fees
  • Ripple servers can be run by anyone

Ripple headline

Ripple has what are some clear 'upgrades' from the Bitcoin concept.  This includes being able to transact and exchange in any currency.  There is also an improvement in the accounting methodology reducing the chances of transaction errors through what is called 'consensus' ledgers.  Although privacy can be achieved by Ripple users, critics suggest it is not at quite the same level as with Bitcoin.  Ripple is not decentralized like Bitcoin.  With centralization comes better controls, but less anonymity for users.  It should be noted, however, that centralization may be more palatable to regulators than a Bitcoin-like platform that can be exploited for the purpose of money laundering.


What Does It All Mean? 

I won't pretend to be computer savvy enough to be able to explain it all (or completely understand it).  I can simply say that there is a lot of buzz here, backing by big names, and a technology that can not be ignored.  We also have a legitimate chance to get in very early on this one.  I heard a commentator two days ago suggest that Bitcoin still has a realistic shot to appreciate from 100 to 1,000 times its current value.  Wow, this is really hard to imagine, but who knows?  If this is where Bitcoin still has to go, what opportunity could be sitting right in front of us with Ripple?

How We Are Helping People To Get Started decided several days ago to make a large enough purchase to be able to give Ripple XRP as a bonus to new subscribers to our premium content.   Annual subscribers to would be given 150 Ripple XRP.  As you might imagine, this was our biggest promotion of the year.  In just three days we had to discontinue the offer until we made arrangements to buy more XRP.  I am excited to announce today that we have reopened the offer. Anyone that grabs a one year subscription to our premium content portal will receive 150 XRP. After you place your order, we will notify you with instructions on how to collect your XRP.  Since we already own a large block, we can transfer your XRP to you within just a couple of days.

Can I just buy Ripple XRP on my own?

Of course! You certainly can open a virtual wallet at, transfer money from a local bank to the payment gateway, and place your own order on the trading platform. To clarify, the 150 XRP we're offering currently is a bonus for purchasing an annual subscription (the $119 option) to our ChristianMoneyPlus premium service.


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