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Many of you know that with the explosion of Bitcoin there have been some significant changes in buying and selling. On my video course, which was filmed live back in the spring of 2013, we suggested using Due to volume and regulatory issues, BitInstant is no longer accepting new purchase orders (although we understand that they will be back online soon). As a result, we are suggesting the following new procedure: 1. Go to www.blockchain.Info and set up a free wallet. A wallet is simply an online means of securing and storing your password and log in credentials. 2.... Read more →

Bankruptcy Of America

Find Additional News Podcasts with Jim Paris Live on BlogTalkRadio Jerry Robinson, author of Bankruptcy Of Our Nation, joins Jim Paris Live. Jerry discussed the 'real' national debt, which is more than $100 trillion dollars. How to get prepared for a potential financial collapse of America. 21 income stream ideas to establish multiple income sources. The risk of variable rate debt. Other topics discussed - covered call option writing, Internet Income, Bitcoin, and Ripple. Read more →

This year the hottest deals are on electronics. Tablets, laptops, eReaders, big screen TV's, and smart phones appear to be where you will see the biggest savings. You will also see many retailers this year encouraging the use of mobile devices while in the store. This would include sending you text alerts of deals while you are shopping (and Twitter and Facebook only deals). By the way, for those that want to stay home and shop online, check out this Black Friday page (which is continuously updated). The controversy in recent years is that many stores started Black Friday... Read more →

From $12 To $900 In One Year, Why It's Not Too Late To Buy Bitcoin

I decided to take a serious look at Bitcoin for the first time in October of 2012. I was well aware of the digital currency, but did not think an article was warranted. It was, however, increasingly becoming the subject of questions we were receiving from readers. As part of my initial research into the digital currency, I purchased a modest $20 amount. This was primarily to go through the 'buying' process which can be a little involved, and was integral to my piece. At the time of my purchase, the cost of a single Bitcoin was only $12. My... Read more →

How To Earn $100 For Each Person You Help Opt Out Of Obamacare

Many of you know that last year I made the jump out of my traditional health insurance program into a Christian alternative known as Christian medical sharing. After being a member of one of these programs for a few months, I learned that they had a referral program (AKA affiliate program). They pay me $100 every time I refer someone to their program. I can collect my $100 referral fee as a Pay Pal payment or as a Visa gift card. What Is An Affiliate Program? Affiliate programs are popular ways for those with websites or blogs to earn money... Read more →

When you make a purchase on Amazon, do you ever go back and write a review? As frequently as I buy items on Amazon, I have only written six reviews. Why? Well, I am not really sure. First, I am busy and already have a long list of professional writing I need to do. The idea of taking a few minutes to write a review just seems like one of those things that don't make it to my 'to do' list. As an author, the few reviews I have written were for books that I purchased, and had a strong... Read more →